Trainwreck – movie review

trainwreckI’ll be the first to admit that when I heard the concept of the new Amy Schumer movie, Trainwreck, I wasn’t overly impressed. When I heard that John Cena had a decent sized role in the movie, I wasn’t overly impressed. It didn’t even bother me to hear that LeBron James was in the movie. It just seemed like a cheap laugh B-movie that probably should have been released straight to DVD.

Boy…am I ever glad to say I was totally wrong in that thinking.

Hold the orange juiceTrainwreck is smart, sexy, and super funny along with having a ton of heart. Schumer is spectacular in the role of a woman raise from the time she was a young girl to think that relationships were bad and that it was all about having a good time while you could. Basically, she was a female version of a male in his 20’s. nope nope noeShe’s successful, attractive, and loose. Really…if you didn’t want more than one night with her, she’d be the perfect woman.

But that’s the catch, though. She IS good enough to want more than one night with her, so she’s drinking and sleeping her way through life and living it the fullest, all the while leaving a trail of broken hearts in her path.

sleeping aroundIt’s certainly not your typical romantic comedy, and I dig that about it. It’s got a great cast with respectable supporting roles by James and Cena helping to make this a well-acted movie from start to finish.

TrainwreckI was concerned that maybe the funniest laughs were the ones shown in the trailer, but I’m happy to report that there are genuinely funny moments all the way through the movie. The big climatic scene might be a little cliche, but it’s still done in a way that is hilarious (and appears genuine and not overly faked).

Sexual intercourseIf you’re looking for a fun movie to watch (especially with a date), then I’d highly recommend this movie. After suffering through a very sub-par Minions movie, I was really happy to watch something that entertained me so thoroughly.

And while not “classically gorgeous”, there is something about Schumer that makes her REALLY hot. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’d like to.Amy Schumer



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