The World According to ZAH


– Overnight, the website removed ALL references to Hulk Hogan. He’s no longer in the Alumni section, is no longer selling his merchandise, and he has been removed as a judge on Tough Enough. At this point, though, nobody seems to know exactly why or what is going on. Hogan tweeted the following last night:

The only rumours going around are that a video of Hogan has surfaced with him going on either a racist or a bigoted tirade of some kind. But if WWE has gone to this kind of length to remove Hogan from their organization, then it HAS to be something major. I’m almost afraid for Hogan at this point…just what in the world could it possibly be that would be THAT bad???Hulk Hogan

I’m sure there will be MUCH MORE on this over the coming few days.



Wow…I didn’t realize it would be such a racist statement. I think it’s safe to say this guy’s career is over.


Brock vs Undertaker– I don’t know about you, but I’m confused about the entire Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker situation that’s taking place at SummerSlam. Yes, it’s a massive match for the WWE’s second biggest PPV…but it just came out of nowhere just as Lesnar was in a very intriguing program for the World title. It’s a babyface gaining revenge on a babyface and preventing him from winning the title. I just don’t quite get it. And really…were we all clamoring for a rematch? The first one wasn’t really a barn-burner. While this one will have a LOT more fan interest and crowd heat, I just don’t know how they’re going to elevate things. It’s just a weird situation.

Patrick Clark– I’m absolutely shocked that Patrick was eliminated from Tough Enough this past week. I mean, I realize that the guy may have rubbed people the wrong way with his arrogance, but he’s the only REAL future superstar in the group! I mean, the people they chose for this is crazy. The lack of passion and lack of personality blow me away. ZZ is a joke. Tanner is a joke. The girls care more about being in a cat fight than they do about wrestling moves. It’s ridiculous. I don’t know who picks these people for the show, but they need to stop picking people who don’t stand a chance in wrestling. Pick people with skills AND personality. Is that so difficult?

Spectre– I haven’t enjoyed a James Bond movie in years. No offense to Daniel Craig or anything, but I just don’t buy him as Bond. I realize the series has done quite well with him in the role, it just doesn’t do anything for me. I mean, when I watch the new Mission: Impossible trailer I get excited. When I watch the new James Bond: Spectre trailer, I shrug my shoulders and say “meh”.

– I don’t care how big and strong you are, if this happens while you’re in an airplane, you’re shitting yourself…just a little.

BellasNikki Bella needs to stop running her mouth about how she’s the “next John Cena” or the WWE’s version of Ronda Rousey. It’s ridiculous. There are a half dozen Divas from the past 15 years who would have easily run circles around her, and there are three or four Divas now who deserve the title more than she does. The ONLY reason she’s held onto the title this long is because of who she’s sleeping with and who has the current record for longest championship reign. Nikki Bella’s a joke. She’s an attractive woman with a shitty personality who doesn’t connect with crowds as a babyface OR a heel, yet she’s pushed as champion and delivers sub-par matches at best. I just wish she’d move on already. She bores me.RAW has a ring

– Is ANYBODY interested in watching that new Fantastic Four reboot? In a movie landscape where you really need more than just an “okay” plot to grab the attention of the public (not to mention an over-saturated super-hero market), I just don’t see a lot of success for this movie.

Stay Hyped 1– I’m a little surprised at the reaction that Hype Bros are getting down in NXT. I thought they would be more into actual wrestlers than schtick-y one-trick ponies. Mojo Rawley has one of the worst gimmicks I’ve ever seen. If he’s ever going to develop and grow as a performer, he needs to dump that gimmick ASAP. And now he’s with Zack Ryder as a tag team…who can’t seem to get over his internet fame from four years ago. Putting them together as a team, though, is pretty smart. It’s smart in the sense that Rawley can use Ryder’s experience to learn from. It’s smart in the sense that Ryder now has something to do on a regular basis that means something. It’s also smart because a tag team can hide both of their negatives and showcase their positives. I don’t know if I see big things for them (i.e. tag team gold) and I really dislike both of their gimmicks, but for now it’s a win-win situation.

– I’m STOKED because I finally, after 32 years of fandom, get to watch my idol perform live tonight. “WEIRD” AL YANKOVIC is in my city and I’ve got FRONT ROW SEATS, BABY!!! I’ve been a superfan of this guy since the first time I saw this video back in 1983, and it’s my Song of the Week


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