25 All-Time Hottest Female Wrestlers with # 6 – Stacy Keibler

Stacy 13Stacy 3Born Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler, this former WCW and WWE superstar had an incredibly successful career at a pretty young age. She entered the wrestling profession at 20 years old and proceeded to have a seven year career that included magazine covers, movie roles, recording a single for a compilation album, and numerous high-profile storylines and matches. Since wrestling, she has appeared in numerous television shows, commercials, and even tabloids thanks to her high-profile relationship with George Clooney. Stacy 9Stacy 4Currently Keibler is enjoying her time as a full-time mother to her daughter, Ava, who was born in August, 2014. She got married in March, 2014 to Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre. She is currently promoting the benefit of home births through her various social media outlets. Her website promotes recipes, fitness, motherhood, and other “personal journeys and amazing discoveries”.  Stacy 11

Stacy 5Trivia Notes: Keibler attended the Catholic High School of Baltimore before studying mass communication at Towson University. She was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens before she got into wrestling. She has declined Playboy’s offers to pose nude at least two times. Stacy 1Stacy 10Stacy 14 Stacy 12 Stacy 8Stacy 7


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