The World According to ZAH

Leo Kruger– There have been rumours going around that everybody’s favourite “party guy” Adam Rose will be returning to his original NXT persona of Leo Kruger and joining the Wyatt Family. In fact, many online “newz sites” insinuated that the plan was going to be set into motion last Monday on RAW. While it seems a little odd, the fact is that Rose is a talented performer in a gimmick that could have been developed into something fantastic, but instead was a one-trick pony that turned into a running weekly joke (the wrestling bunny? really??). Kruger is an interesting persona and I’m sure it could be tweaked to align with Bray Wyatt‘s mentality, so him joining The Family can totally work. From what I’ve read, this could be the way they re-introduce Sting to the WWE Universe for SummerSlam…as Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will need a third partner to take on the new Family. I’m not sure if I’m 100% on board with this idea, but I don’t flat-out hate it, either.

penn_teller_s2– A show that has been entertaining the family as of late has been Penn & Teller Fool Us. The basic concept is that there are magicians from around the world who get on stage and try to perform their best tricks for Penn & Teller (and a live studio audience). When the act is done, Penn & Teller attempt to figure out how the trick was done. It’s a fantastically entertaining show and this past week I saw a video of an episode that we hadn’t seen yet that completely blew my mind. Forget the whole show for a minute…this act is insanely cool:

Cesaro– In trying to not be an online mark, I’ve seen a remarkable improvement in Cesaro over the past few weeks. Yes, it took his matches with John Cena to allow WWE Management to give him a fair chance, but Cesaro has totally taken advantage of it at this point. His in-ring intensity reminds me of Daniel Bryan a bit, so it’s awesome to see the crowds react to him the way they have. Will he ever be world champion? It’s hard to say, but if he continues to get the pops that he’s getting and show the charisma that he’s been showing, then I truly believe that the sky’s the limit for him right now. With Cena firmly in his corner, it’ll be hard for Vince to ignore Cesaro much longer.

Netflix Star WarsNetflix has been rumoured to have made a deal with LucasFilm to produce not one, not two, but THREE live-action Star Wars Universe series. I’ll tell you right away why this is a TREMENDOUS idea. Netflix normally gets pitched for a show, then signs off on it without a pilot having to be made. So this means they put a TON of faith into the people making their programming, but it also means that there is a tremendous amount of “hands-off” that you wouldn’t get on any regular cable channel. And here is what has me drooling just a bit…Marvel is currently using Netflix to show the “darker” side of their comics. Can you imagine if LucasFilm was to do the same? Imagine a kick-ass Star Wars show without all the jokes and nonsense. It’s not like online fans haven’t already thought about it.Star Wars possibility

– I don’t care what anybody says. Britney Spears is STILL fucking hot. I would bang her in a split second. Add in the fact that she can bend like this and I just don’t know how anybody would not want to get a piece of this MILF magic. Oh my goodness, oh my dayum… Britney Spears

12 rounds– Kudos to WWE for recognizing the potential in Dean Ambrose. No, he’s not becoming World Heavyweight Champion any time soon, but for anybody who thinks WWE does not believe in Ambrose just needs to see the following trailer for the latest WWE Films production of 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown. WWE simply will not put their money into a movie backed by someone that they don’t believe in.

– As Ronda Rousey prepares to obliterate another opponent this weekend, she has truly become a “celebrity”. I mean, not everybody is parodied in an adult film. Yes, Ronda ArouseMe has been made and will be released soon. The film was directed by Joanna Angel, who is a massive fan of Rousey and thought this would be the “ultimate homage” to her. The party of “Ronda” will be played by Kleio Valentien. I don’t know if this film will do well or not (do people actually BUY adult movies anymore?), but there appears to be a scene where “Ronda” and “Dana White” get it on inside of an MMA ring. Ummm…I’m all for porn, but this just seems creepy to me. Am I alone? Ronda ArouseMeTough Enough castTough Enough is now officially a joke. First Patrick. Then Mada because Miz “saves” some chick who he thinks is hot. C’mon…this is ridiculous. Why are the judges putting people in the bottom three simply based on the videos that they’re watching??? Shouldn’t the trainers have some say in this??? They’re putting the favourites in the bottom simply to “teach them a lesson” or because they want them to “step up”. That’s bullshit. Now we’re going to get some dumb-ass gator-wrestler who doesn’t even WANT to be a wrestler or some no-personality ex-MMA guy as the winner. Or the Yeti. FFS…

Song of the Week comes from Demi Lovato. WHAT??? REALLY??? Yeah. I mean, the song is shit but she is hot as fuck in the video. Press play and watch it on mute.




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