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StraightOuttaCompton(2)We are in Seattle, Washington and are two weeks away from SummerSlam. What can we expect tonight? I guess we have to sit back and find out!

Seth Rollins comes out in his “NEVER SHUTS UP” t-shirt and struts to the ring. As expected, WWE shows him breaking John Cena‘s nose once again. For me, it never gets old.

Rollins proceeds to tell us that Cena hasn’t yet accepted his challenge for a title vs title match at SummerSlam. He basically went on and on about how Cena should just forfeit the match because he won’t show up to accept his challenge.

Rollins then had a segment where he “interviewed” John Cena via satellite. This gave me a chuckle, even if it was a little silly.

Cesaro then came out to tell Rollins that he would like to challenge Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight title tonight.

When Rollins said that Cesaro hadn’t earned a shot yet, out came Kevin Owens (!!). He then proceeded to say that he deserved a title shot because he pinned John Cena where neither of the other guys had never done that.

Out came Randy Orton to poke fun at Owens’ weight (ouch) and challenge Rollins.

At this point, Seth got mad and said he didn’t care what anybody said, he wasn’t going to defend his title tonight against these three “jack-offs”.

Triple ThreatThis brought out Triple H…who proceeded to say that there would be a Triple Threat match between Orton, Owens, and Cesaro with the winner challenging Rollins for the WWE title later tonight. Rollins looked upset, but really…you can’t complain too much because the challengers will be completely beaten down and worn out from their previous match, so that gives Rollins the advantage.

– We’re ready for our first match as Team B.A.D takes on Team Bella.

Sasha BanksI don’t know about you, but I’m not excited about watching this particular heel-on-heel contest. Everybody who reads this review should know about my thoughts on Nikki Bella and Naomi by now, so this match is really a way for WWE to showcase Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks (i.e. the only two REAL wrestlers in this match).

Paige, Charlotte, & Becky Lynch are joining the boys on commentary at ringside.

Sasha Banks actually got a “We Want Sasha” chant, which shouldn’t be too difficult to understand because she’s the best pure wrestler out of the six women involved. At least Brie knows how to milk her husband’s popularity for a cheap pop.

Diva warfareOnce Brie pinned Tamina, all nine women got involved in a slugfest that ended with Charlotte and Sasha Banks staring each other down in the ring, quickly followed by their teammates while Team Bella stood outside the ring. Charlotte’s music played the segment out, so that tells me who they wanted to showcase once the match was over and done with.

New Day– Out came The New Day to take on Los Matadores. I know it’s “cool” to chant “New Day Sucks”, I have become a massive fan of theirs. Kofi Kingston has become one of the most entertaining heels in the company, while Xavier Woods is the second coming of Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart on the outside of the ring. He’s simply one of the most entertaining heels in all of wrestling right now.

After a short match, New Day won with a pretty devastating finishing move…

…and then they celebrated the win backstage.

Yeah…New Day is awesome.

Triple Threat

– I cannot wait to watch this match. Kevin Owens vs Cesaro vs Randy Orton. You cannot go wrong with these three in the ring together. Let’s go!!!

RKO on CesaroWOW…what a fantastic match!!! As much as I’d like to see Owens and Cesaro move up the card, I understand why Orton won the match. I mean, Orton has been SUPER popular over the past few weeks with the live audiences…so even if he seems stale from the viewpoint of internet fanboys, it’s the live crowds that dictate who gets opportunities and who doesn’t. I have no problem with a Rollins vs Orton main event…especially after their great match at WrestleMania.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns did a backstage segment.

– There is an excellent Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar package helping to set-up and sell SummerSlam. Seriously…this is as good as it gets for packages. If you watch this and still aren’t sold on the match, then I don’t know if you’re a fan of wrestling. Just great stuff.

Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper was next. This was another really good match with a really surprising finish. The back-n-forth was a little slow at first, but the last few minutes of the match were really good.

Harper vs AmbroseAnd despite attempted outside interference from Bray Wyatt (which was thwarted by Reigns), Luke Harper still found a way to get a CLEAN PINFALL VICTORY over Ambrose after a vicious clothesline. I mean…wow. It’s awesome that Harper was given the rub like that, but I was shocked to see him pin Ambrose. I should be pretty happy at the unexpected finish, though…too many people complain that they can always predict the finish before it happens. I like this.

MizTV was next. After insulting Steve Amell at ringside (the star of Arrow), Miz introduced Daniel Bryan to a rowdy home crowd.

MizTVAs much as I detest Miz as a wrestler, I cannot hate Miz as a sports entertainer. Say what you will about the guy, but who else has busted their ass harder than Miz over the past five+ years? Gimmick changes and character updates have given Miz consistently new pushes over the years. He is constantly evolving himself…very few others have the confidence to do that. Most are happy to find their niche and just sit back and perform. Not Miz…this dude is never satisfied with just going day to day. The guy LOVES the business and it shows. I may not cheer the Miz, but I respect the hell out of him…in spite of his wardrobe choices.

Anyway, Bryan confirmed that he wasn’t medically cleared to return.

Big Show vs Miz vs RybackBig Show came out to say something, but before he could start out came Ryback. This is all to set-up the SummerSlam triple threat match for the Intercontinental Title that I pray Miz ends up winning. The inevitable fight took place and Ryback was left standing tall next to Daniel Bryan. Sigh…

– They did a nice video package on Charlotte (which was almost identical to the one that they showed last week on Smackdown):

This was really awesome to see because Charlotte really should be the one to end Nikki Bella‘s title reign BEFORE Bella breaks AJ Lee‘s record.

Henry vs RusevRusev (with Summer Rae) is ready to take on Mark Henry…again. This was a throwaway match because Lana got into it with Summer again. Then both ladies started to go at it inside the ring, causing the ref to call it a double disqualification. Summer then got the advantage and put the Accolade on Lana. Honestly…it was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen…Rusev & Summer vs Henry & Lana

Summer vs Lana

Neville vs Barrett– After a recap of the whole “Stardust vs Green Arrow” feud, we’re treated to King Barrett vs Neville. This was a TOTAL squash as Barrett lost in minutes. Stardust then attacked Neville after the bell, while looking over at Steve Amell. Stardust then confronted Amell and shoved him back in his chair. Amell then leaped over the barricade and leaped over the top rope to attack Stardust inside the ring. Security stopped him and put him back into his seat.

Backstage, they had a segment with Amell and Neville and Triple H.

They made the tag match official with Amell and Neville (i.e. the Green Arrow & the Red Arrow) taking on King Barrett and Stardust. As far as setting up a celebrity tag match goes, this isn’t too bad. It’s been a long time since they had a celebrity in the ring and this one seems to really love the business, so why not?

– The main event is up next: Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As expected, this was another really good match. 

Orton vs Rollins 1

Orton vs Rollins 2

You would think that an RKO like this meant that Orton won the match and the title, right? Nah…Sheamus interfered and caused the DQ finish. He then decided to cash-in his Money In The Bank briefcase before being thwarted…Sheamus cashes in

RKO outta nowhereOrton stands tall to close out the show.


I can’t complain about tonight’s show. The matches were great, the storylines progressed, and nothing really sucked. I mean…what can you complain about with the show? If you’re complaining, then you’re probably nit-picking. It was a really good prelude to SummerSlam.


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