Is The WWE Universe Ruining Tough Enough?

Tough Enough castTough TalkI have never watched an entire season of Tough Enough before this year. There was just something about it this year that I wanted to see. The trainers looked interesting, the judges were interesting, and even the concept of a post-show “live interview program” was extremely interesting to me. The entire package looked like a reality show you would see on any other television channel, and since I’m a reality show junkie it totally fit into my viewing list.TE 6 judges

Thus, I’ve watched the entire season thus far. I have been absolutely shocked at some of the votes at this point, and think that there is a very possible chance that the show will turn off more WWE fans than turn on. This has become a straight-up popularity contest and not one based on ability, which is what the majority of these reality shows try to promote.

patrick 1It’s been very obvious that WWE has been trying to show the WWE Universe that ZZ is not who they want to work with. Once Patrick was eliminated, it was “all hands on deck” when it came to exposing ZZ for who he really is: a really great guy who might have a mind for the business but is far from being 100% dedicated…thus he’ll end up like the last Tough Enough winner: Andy Leavine.

Who?  Exactly.

mada 1Patrick and Mada were two front-runners, in my mind. I thought they displayed charisma in addition to physical skills, so they were the favourites to win it all. In the end, though, the WWE Universe didn’t like them attempting to expose ZZ for the lazy Cajun that he is.

sara lee 1On the ladies side of things, the fact that Sara Lee is still there just baffles me. Don’t get me wrong…she’s a very personable individual and might do something with her wrestling career down the road, but there is NO WAY she should be in the finals over other talented women like Gigi, Chelsea, or even Daria. Again, the WWE Universe has been enjoying her “just happy to be here” personality and the fact that she’s genuine, not the Playboy-esque women that seem to fill-out the rest of the women’s side of things.

amanda 1But here’s the thing: “Playboy-esque” isn’t the only thing that should be used to describe finalist Amanda. She’s obviously drop-dead gorgeous, but also has charisma and athletic ability that the trainers already see. Hell…even Sara said that right now Amanda was better at everything than she is. It doesn’t matter that you’re “still learning” (sorry, Tanner…but the same goes for you and your inability to emote anything at all). What matters is where you are now and whether or not you can be a WWE performer down the road.

Right now, Amanda and Josh are the deserving winners of Tough Enough. I don’t think anybody would argue that, though if you did you’d need some MAJOR points to make your argument valid in any way.

The judges know it. The trainers know it. Insiders know it. The problem, though, is that the WWE Universe may end up just voting for who they like the most…thus putting ZZ and Sara Lee into the winner’s spots. This would be a joke to the entire competition.

Have there been some surprise eliminations thus far? Sure. Is the WWE Universe ruining the show? No, but they certainly aren’t helping it.

ZZ doesn’t deserve to win. Sorry, but you’re simply not trying hard enough. If you were, you’d be the run-away favourite. I mean…this is your Tough Enough contestant photo (which looks pretty awesome, by the way): zz 2

But this is how you actually look. zz 3zz 1

You’re clown. You don’t deserve a shot at this opportunity. zz 4

Sara Lee doesn’t deserve to win. Sorry, but that nervous smile of yours makes everything you do annoying to watch. Plus you’re simply not catching on as fast as your competitors. So if you don’t have personality and you don’t have athletic ability (or imagination, for that matter), then why should you win?

“Tough Sara”? I don’t think so. toughsara

Amanda has won me over. I wasn’t a fan of hers for the majority of the competition and felt Gigi had earned a spot in the finals. But after Miz saved her and Paige berated her, she has won me over by being insanely hot AND dedicated to learning the business, both inside the ring and out. amanda_saccomanno_te_gallery

Josh is the total package. Dedication, athletic ability, personality…he’s got it all. Give him a few years and he’ll be blowing people away. Josh 1

Again…the WWE Universe may not agree with me, but I still wouldn’t consider them ruining the show. What’s ruining the show is the fact that the judges note the bottom three based on what they see in edited clips on television, not on what happened throughout the entire week. The trainers should have a much bigger (and visible) say in who gets nominated to go home because they’re the ones working with the contestants every single day.

Who will win next week? It’s hard to guess how the voting will go, but it’s pretty straight forward on who SHOULD win.


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