Throwback Thursday: Tough Enough

I’ve been sitting back this week wondering what to reference for Throwback Thursday. After watching Tough Enough this week, I think I know what I want to go back and re-watch.

Here is The Miz recalling his time on Tough Enough. He didn’t win, but that didn’t matter…

Here is John Morrison‘s tryout on Tough Enough (there was definitely a mixed reaction)…

Here’s a video from when The Miz was WWE champion (remember that???) and he, Morrison, and Josh Matthews all discuss their time on the program:

Finally, here is a great compilation of “5 Forgotten Tough Enough Competitors“. I honestly had forgotten about Mitch from the Spirit Squad

I’m looking forward to seeing how this year’s crop of Tough Enough finalists manage over the coming years. Will any of them stick around? Will any return bigger and better? I guess we’ll find out in due time.


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