The World According to ZAH: 08-21-15

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar– There is a lot of buzz going on this week as we head into the 2nd biggest WWE show of the year, SummerSlam. The biggest buzz is, obviously, about the Undertaker as he attempts to gain revenge against the man who ended his WrestleMania undefeated streak: Brock Lesnar. While I’ll have predictions on Sunday morning, I think it’s really interesting that Taker is playing the heel in this match. He hasn’t come right out and bad-mouthed the crowd, but the commentators have re-emphasized the fact that Taker has given Lesnar low blows in order to gain the advantage in their encounters. However the Barkley Center reacts on Sunday, they will be hot for this match and, I believe, a number of the other matches on the card. I really think that WWE did a good job of building up these matches. I’d dare argue that some of the build was better for SummerSlam than it was for matches at Mania.

NXT Takeover Brooklyn NXT: Takeover Brooklyn takes place tomorrow evening, with a 90-minute “special” being recorded for next Wednesday’s NXT show before they go live for the 2-hour Takeover special. With a sell-out crowd of over 13,000, it will undoubtedly be an incredibly hot atmosphere as NXT brings in a pretty different crowd than the main roster does. If you judge the reactions from outside locations like San Jose, Philadelphia, and Cleveland, then you can just imagine how hot the Brooklyn fans will be. This is a HUGE moment for NXT, which is potentially on its way to becoming its own brand…not just a developmental territory. NXT live San Jose

– Yeah, he’s got skillz. What are ya gonna do abou’ it?? Nothing…because this guy is phenomenal.

– There is still buzz going ‘round the internet that Adam Rose might end up being a mystery third member of the Wyatt Family. I thought that may have been the case before I saw a pic of him with Brad Maddox at a house show doing some type of Bodydonna-esque gimmick (called “Beef Mode”, I think…which is ridiculous). I’ve stated before that I think Rose is incredibly talented, under-utilized, and mis-used (as are Fandango and Heath Slater, but I digress…), but as much as I would love to see him return under the Leo Kruger gimmick as a new deciple of Bray Wyatt, I don’t think WWE believes in him enough to pull the trigger. There are definitely some really talented undercard guys that could do a lot with a gimmick change and a push.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump has been on a roll lately, insulting anybody within earshot and yet still doing extremely well in the polls. As a man with zero real political background (don’t even get me started on his complete lack of foreign policy experience), you gotta wonder just why people are getting behind this goof. He even went so far as to insult Heidi Klum from America’s Got Talent by claiming she was “no longer a 10”. First of all, Trump…you need to look in the mirror and realize you need to shut the fuck up when it comes to commenting on other people’s looks. Secondly, you have to realize that you’re a joke and most of your ideas go against the Republican party’s ideals, so what are you really trying to do here? At least Heidi had a response for “The Donald”:


– And really…if I had “Deez Nuts” running in my area, I would seriously consider voting for him. It says a LOT about the apathy of voters when this dude is polling at 9% or higher:

Kevin Owens– I am a MASSIVE fan of Kevin Owens, as I’ve mentioned here in the column before. I’m becoming more and more concerned, though, with his full dedication to WWE at this point. I mean, don’t get me wrong…the guy is doing a phenomenal job inside the ring and his promo on this week’s NXT program was about as good as it gets. The problem isn’t his “look” or even his gimmick. The problem is a combination of his weight and his farmer tan. Yes, I’m being 100% serious when I say this. If Owens isn’t going to be as pale as Sheamus or not as tanned as Fandango, that’s fine. Kevin Owens 1Find a lighter shade of pale that works for you. But don’t wear t-shirts or short-sleeve shirts in public and then expect to wrestle in a sleeveless shirt and look good. It’s noticeable…and it’s something that could be easily fixed. Instead, you look second rate and low-class. And in terms of your size, you could tell that you dropped some weight once you made it to NXT television. You certainly don’t need to have a 6-pack or a ton of muscles to show off. The problem, though, is that even Bray Wyatt can keep his gut in check a little bit. Just get back to working a little more on your overall appearance (which includes public appearances, where you should dress better as a representative of the company). The bottom line is that Vince will NEVER let you truly rise to your full potential if you continue to look the way you do. You don’t need a makeover; just some tweaks and a bit of hard work. I hope you do it, because you deserve to be main-eventing for years to come…but that won’t happen with the way you look now.

– Sharon Stone nude at age 57. Yes…I would still absolutely hit that (and I think you’re insane if you say you wouldn’t). Just…wow.

Sharon 2 Sharon 3

Jared from Subway is one sick fuck. Seriously. I can’t even begin to fathom just how sick somebody has to be to do what he has done. You gotta wonder if 5 years in prison and a life being labeled as a child sex offender is enough for this guy.

Tough Enough 6 Amanda & Sara Lee– On this week’s Tough Talk, Amanda referred to Sara Lee as a “ring rat”. This sent shockwaves throughout the internet gossip community (y’know…cause that’s what they thrive on). I hadn’t read anything about this and Lee immediately refuted the term. Amanda then posted someone else’s story (screen captured from Jessica Havok & Solomon CroweFacebook, perhaps?) and wrote, “Told u… I don’t lie !” (she deleted the tweet later).The problem is that the story seems completely fabricated, indicating that she was out with ROH rookie sensation Moose, NXT star Mojo Rawley, and even NXT star Solomon Crowe (who is dating independent wrestler Jessica Havok) as being some of who were publicly affectionate with Lee. It just doesn’t read as being real or accurate. Take a look for yourself and come to your own conclusion.

Ring Rat 1Ring Rat 2Ring Rat 3Ring Rat 4

I don’t know about you, but this just reads as complete bullshit to me. And I tweeted the individual who originally posted the pages about where they came from, but didn’t get a response.

So either it’s actually true (which seems odd as Lee just doesn’t appear to be the type of girl to be a “ring rat”, unless her entire personality on television is fake) or Amanda just slandered her on national television. Either way, it’s certainly an interesting note for the show and could possibly affect the results next week.

– I don’t know about you, but if I saw a Nicki Minaj wax figure that looked like this…

Wax Nicki

…and I could pose with it any way I wanted to, you’d better believe I would probably do something like this:Nicki 1Nicki 2

This caused Madame Tussauds to issue the following statement (but really…what did they expect??):

Nicki 3

– When I heard the premise for this movie, I thought it was going to suck. However, after watching this trailer I think I’m changing my mind a bit…

– Oh…excuse me while I laugh my ass off. Dude…are you for real? RGIII is the best

– Finally, my Song of the Week is an “80’s Hair Metal” classic from a band called Kix. To my knowledge, they had two hits off of one album and that was pretty much all anyone heard from them. This was the big one for me…Cold Blood. There’s just something about this that gets my blood pumping and wanting to crank the stereo up to 11. Enjoy!!


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