25 All-Time Hottest Female Wrestlers with # 4 – Brooke Adams

Brooke 6Born Brooke Nicole Adams, this TNA Knockout has sculpted a pretty successful wrestling career for herself since her debut in 2006. She has had a career wrestling for WWE and TNA, in addition to being a very successful model. Adams started off as a model in various bikini competitions such as the Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant and the Miss Hooters pageant. Adams was crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic Texas 2008 and was the winner of the Hooters’ Viewers’ Choice $10,000 award when she competed in the 2010 International Hooters Swimsuit Pageant competition. She has appeared in music videos, magazines, and television (including a stint as a contestant on the CBS reality show The Amazing Race with then-boyfriend and fellow wrestler Robbie E).  Brooke 4

Brooke 3Currently Adams wrestles for Total Nonstop Action is the TNA Knockouts champion, enjoying her third reign as champion for the company. She is also dating personal trainer Weston Wayne.

In addition, she uploads a ton of hot pics to her Instagram account (and Facebook and Twitter). At only 30 years old, she’s arguably hotter now than she was during her debut almost a decade ago. Brooke 16

Brooke 1TRIVIA NOTES: Adams has a twin sister named Brittney. For a time, their family lived out of their mother’s Daytona hatchback until they had enough money to afford an apartment. 

It would be difficult to argue that there are any women in wrestling any hotter than Adams. She’s the rare type of woman who delights in being sexy and being athletic and tough. But at #4, that means there are still three more to go!Brooke 2  Brooke 8 Brooke 9 Brooke 12 Brooke 15 Brooke 20


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