SummerSlam Predictions

SummerSlamWell, here we are…the morning of the second biggest WWE event of the entire year. With four hours to fill and a pretty stacked 10-match card, how will WWE move forward?

SummerSlam - Team Bella vs Team BAD vs Team PCBPCB vs Team B.A.D. vs Team Bella

I know there is a “Diva Revolution” going on at the moment, but I just don’t see this being anything other than a clusterfuck limited to under 10 minutes. They want to showcase Charlotte and Sasha Banks as the absolute future of the division (so they should be two of the last ladies eliminated), but WWE is also trying to show parity between the teams, which is a mistake. Regardless, there will be some fun spots here and there but I don’t see this being the awesome women’s wrestling match that we’ve come to expect lately. In the end, Cena’s better half will sneak away with the victory using nefarious means to put her over as being “strong” as she makes her run at AJ Lee’s title reign record.

WINNERS: Team Bella

SummerSlam - Rusev vs Dolph ZigglerRusev (with Summer Rae) vs Dolph Ziggler (with Lana)

This should be a pretty decent match, with Rusev booked to look strong and Ziggler selling like a pinball in a machine. The original “injury” storyline to Ziggler was fantastic, so the crowd should be hot for the match. I expect the ladies to both get involved and either cause a disqualification or distract the referee long enough for Rusev to use underhanded means to score the pinfall. I think WWE wants this silly feud to continue long past SummerSlam.


SummerSlam - 4-team tag matchPrime Time Players © vs New Day vs Los Matadores vs Lucha Dragons for the WWE tag team titles

I’m not even sure if this match will be as good as the 9-woman elimination match. None of the matches thus far have generated much heat and there aren’t any stories surrounding the teams. The Dragons are exciting, the Matadores are lame, the Prime Time Players are boring, and the New Day are…well…they’re awesome! If this trio doesn’t win back the WWE tag titles then something is terribly wrong. They are the most “over” team by a mile and are arguably one of the most over acts in the entire company.

WINNERS: The New Day

SummerSlam - Randy Orton vs SheamusRandy Orton vs Sheamus

I fully realize that I’m in the minority that is looking forward to this match. I’ve also been in the minority who has enjoyed Sheamus since his return a few months ago. I love his look and I think he’s giving it his all in every match he’s in. And Orton is, arguably, the most popular man on the roster right now as the pops he gets are unmatched (at least that’s how it appears to be on television). I have enjoyed this feud and expect it to be a pretty intense battle. Because Sheamus is the Money in the Bank contract holder, WWE will probably have him lose the match (as that tends to be the case).

WINNER: Randy Orton

SummerSlam - Kevin Owens vs CesaroKevin Owens vs Cesaro

This is the most anticipated match on the card for the majority of indy wrestling fans. This is a match between two men who, if given the time and are allowed to showcase their skills, will absolutely steal the show. I don’t even care that their storyline isn’t that in-depth. They could just be thrown together and told to display their skills for 15 minutes and they’d still kill it. There is no reason to stop the feud early, so I don’t have a problem with the heel going over here so the program between these two continues.

WINNER: Kevin Owens

SummerSlam - Big Show vs Ryback vs MizRyback © vs Big Show vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship

This should be the least entertaining match on the entire card. Miz will be a non-factor for 90% of this, but once either Show or Ryback are in a prone position (maybe they knock each other out so they still look strong?), Miz should sneak in for the victory. Out of everybody on the roster, I don’t know if anybody works harder to be new and different and as entertaining as The Miz. He deserves to be IC champion.


SummerSlam - Steve Amell & Neville vs Stardust & King BarrettNeville & Steve Amell vs Stardust & King Barrett

While the very unfortunately passing of Dusty Rhodes put the brakes on this intriguing celebrity match-up, the “leap over the barricade & leap over the top rope” segment with Amell made this instantly intriguing. Both ‘Dust and Barrett will help make Amell look like a superstar, and I expect him to only come in for four or five big spots and Neville handling the remainder of in-ring work for his team. It doesn’t make sense for the babyfaces to lose this one-off match-up.

WINNERS: Neville & Steve Amell

SummerSlam - Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper vs Dean Ambrose & Roman ReignsBray Wyatt & Luke Harper vs Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

If anyone remembers some of the Wyatt Family vs Shield matches from a year or so ago, you’ll know the fantastic chemistry these four men already have together. These four, along with a few others, are the future of WWE and should be for many years. I expect this to be one of the most entertaining matches on the entire card. And really, it doesn’t matter who wins. However…

WINNERS: Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

SummerSlam - Brock Lesnar vs UndertakerBrock Lesnar vs Undertaker

This may or may not be the main event of the card…it’s difficult to say. With all of the incredible hype surrounding the match, I’ll be surprised if the actual in-ring action lives up to the billing. This match all depends on Undertaker and his ability (or lack thereof) to still put on a very entertaining, hard-hitting match. He’s definitely the heel in this match as his only motivation is being a baby for losing his match in the first place. He’s desperate and using low-blows to gain the advantage. He will continue with these ways and find a definitively heel way to pull out the victory; cementing his place as a heel and setting up a possible “rubber match” down the road.

WINNER: Undertaker

SummerSlam - John Cena vs Seth Rollins Seth Rollins in a Title vs Title for the United States & World Heavyweight Championship

With Rollins asking for a statue at WWE headquarters should he win, that pretty much cemented his spot on the losing end of things in my mind. It’s a shame, because I think Rollins has been on an incredible roll as heel champion, being one of the most entertaining champs in recent memory.

However, with the introduction (albeit a late one) of Cena chasing after Ric Flair’s record 16th championship, it just seems like the time is perfect to have Cena be the face of the company as they head into the long-road to WrestleMania…as they need whatever help they can get to fill that 100,000-seat stadium in Texas.

Regardless of who wins, though, I think the time is perfect for them to retire the U.S. title permanently. We don’t need two secondary champions. We need to go back to the basics: one primary champion and one secondary champion, so both titles end up meaning almost the same at the end of the day. If this happens, then Cena can retire the belt with some dignity.

WINNER (unfortunately): John Cena


All-in-all, this should be a really entertaining show with a couple of great matches on it. I can’t wait!


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