Will Deadpool Be The Superhero Movie We All Need And Deserve?

deadpool 3I’ve had a couple of weeks to think things over, and the more I think about it the more I’m looking forward to next year’s Deadpool movie.

deadpool 1Here’s the thing: I’m not a comic book reader. I have never read a Deadpool comic in my entire life, but the small snippets of video game clips and the Ryan Reynolds-led trailer have led me to want to watch this movie.

So similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, a movie trailer has me totally interested in a comic book hero that I know absolutely nothing about. Based on that alone, Deadpool should be pretty awesome.

After watching the red band trailer, I’m even MORE impressed. It doesn’t appear to be a one-trick pony with this character, but rather a myriad of complexity and comedy mixed in with some violence. That sounds like a damn party, if you ask me.

Hollywood has tried to give us “gritty” hero movies before:


Blade (which I admit had a lot of awesome moments)

The Punisher

Good lord…at one point Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was considered for the lead role in the adaptation of Lobo. Can you imagine???lobo

Anyway, after the disastrous Green Lantern (not by any fault of Reynolds, by the way), the fans have been hoping for a real Deadpool movie to come to light after the horrible butcher-job that was done in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

As it stands, this looks to be that movie. Is it the comic book movie that we need? No…that was The Dark Knight. However, this appears to be the comic book movie that we want, as fans of the character are going to get exactly what they’re hoping to get based upon their knowledge of the source material.

There are a few movies that I’m excited for, but I honestly think that Deadpool might be near or at the top of that list. deadpool 2


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