25 All-Time Hottest Female Wrestlers with # 3 – Velvet Sky

Velvet 16Velvet 15Born Jamie Lynn Szantyr in New Britain, Connecticut, the performer now known as Velvet Sky has had an extremely successful career and has, arguably, only gotten hotter with age. After training at the House of Pain Pro Wrestling Dojo, Sky debuted in 2004 as Talia Madison and teamed-up with April Hunter to form a tag team known as (no guessing required) T & A. She wrestled primarily on the independents before joining TNA in 2007. Her run with Angelina Love as “The Beautiful People” has been one of the most successful women’s factions in wrestling history. She has held multiple titles but is best known as a 2-time TNA Knockouts champion. Velvet 4

Velvet 2Currently Sky is back with TNA, returning after being “fired” from the company following a very strange “Feast or Fired” briefcase outcome (it’s TNA…it’s always bound to be strange in some way). She is dating fellow wrestler Mark “Bully Ray/Bubba Dudley” LoMonaco and can be found all over the country at wrestling conventions and events. She also is continually releasing posters and other merchandise on her website, creating a successful following in spite of never having been a contracted performer with WWE. Velvet 12

Velvet 1 (2)Trivia Notes: Sky competed in various programs while in high school (cheerleading, softball, football, and track). She has dated wrestlers previously (including Gregory “Hurricane” Helms and Chris Sabin). In 2010, she was a contestant on an all-TNA episode of Family Feud. Ultimately, though, she is simply one of the hottest women the world of professional wrestling has ever seen. If you want to see even more of her, definitely check her out at RatedV.net! Velvet 3 Velvet 6 velvet 7 Velvet 10 Velvet 14 Velvet 17 Velvet 20 Velvet


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