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This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is…




Whitney ConroyWhitney Conroy is a perfect 10 in my book. She is a girl-on-girl adult entertainer originally from the Czech Republic. Depending on what websites you visit, she is either 20 or 21 years old. She is, quite simply stated, one of the most stunning women to ever perform in the adult industry. Let’s be honest…even if she was just a “normal model”, she would STILL be one of the hottest women on the planet.

To the best of my knowledge, she has no Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or website. She also goes by the alias of Nessy Wild, but I have no idea if she’s online under another pseudonym or not. If she does and I’ve just somehow missed it…please let me know.

Whitney Conroy


RAW Thoughts

Lennon & FlairWe’re in Buffalo, New York and we’re ready to kick-start the longest weekly episodic program in blah blah blah history. I just hope it’s a better show than last week.

– We kick off the show with a recap of the “feud” between Kane and Seth Rollins since Night of Champions. Of course, this culminated with Kane dragging Rollins underneath the ring to finish the program last Monday night. Uhhhh….yeah. 

John Cena US Open Challenge– In a decision that I’m totally okay with, we kick off live festivites on RAW with a John Cena U.S. Open Challenge. As I’ve repeatedly said that John Cena has had the best in-ring performances of his entire life in 2015, so I’m excited to see this weekly challenge take place, as it generates fresh match-ups.

Out to answer the challenge is THE NEW DAY!!! The New Day 1

It’s kind of a shame, actually…because there was somebody else waiting to accept Cena’s challenge at the very same time.

After a lengthy, but VERY entertaining pre-match promo, we’re set to see Cena take on Xavier Woods…definitely a fresh match-up and one that should (hopefully) showcase what Woods can do. 

John Cena vs Xavier Woods 1Fortunately, after some early interference, the referee kicked Big E and Kofi Kingston out from the ringside area. I say “fortunately” because now I’m hoping we’ll see what Woods is made of and if Cena can help elevate him with a competitive match-up.

John Cena vs Xavier Woods 2UNfortunately, though, the vast majority of this match is nothing but Super Cena decimating Woods. Poor Xavier would get in one or two moves, but then get stopped and decimated some more. It was a very weird way to put over Woods as a serious competitor, though the announcers did try to put over Woods as best they could. The problem is that Woods didn’t have any offense that lasted for any length of time, only going to show that everything he was doing on offense was just a fluke.

Cena locked in the STF when Kingston and E made the save for the disqualification. This brought out the Dudley Boyz, who helped Cena clear the ring of the baddies. This, though, only went to help set-up an apparent 6-man tag match. It would be nice to see a General Manager of some kind actually “make the match official”.

Tag Match!Dudleyz & Cena vs New Day 2For whatever reason, Cena played the “babyface in peril” during the heel beat-down part of the match. That surprises me only because Devon would have been my first choice. Still…Cena’s got enough gas in the tank to take the beating for awhile and still kick ass when all is said and done.

After Cena made the hot tag, the Dudleyz cleaned house and his their signature spots. Just as they were about to hit the 3D, a distraction to Devon allowed Kingston to hit “Trouble in Paradise” for the pinfall and the surprise victory.

Backstage HR segment– In a backstage segment, Triple H and Stephanie have “Ashley”, their HR representative present so she can discuss an “anonymous complaint” about Corporate Kane concerning an “unsafe environment”. Basically, Ashley will do a performance review with Kane during the show to ensure that he’s fit to have the job that, technically, he’s not supposed to have anymore.

– In another backstage segment, Roman Reigns talks to Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton about his one-on-one match against Bray Wyatt in the main event later. It was a good segment.

Big Show vs Mark Henry– Umm…again???

Mark Henry vs Big ShowListen, I understand the reason why they are pushing Big Show over the past few weeks. They’re trying to build him up as a potential threat to Brock Lesnar at their match at Madison Square Garden on the WWE Network this weekend. The problem, though, is that nobody is buying it. Not at this stage, anyway. I mean…just get the match over with and move on.

Thankfully, this was a squash match and Show won.

Miz TV 1– Now it’s time for Miz TV…and I have to wonder if this will set-up the end of the Divas Revolution for good? I mean, the last time they were on, both Miz and WWE Creative almost completely ruined the entire Divas division in one segment.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch get booed as they’re introduced by Miz. Ugh…that should tell you all you need to know about how WWE has handled the Divas division ’til now.

PaigeCharlotte then calls out Paige to have a discussion about what she said last week when Team Bella came out to cause trouble. Charlotte did an incredible job on the mic in response to Team Bella (as did Becky). Just as they were all about to throw down, out came Paige to cause even MORE issues.

“If you have two boyfriends like yours, who really needs ambition?”Paige to the Bellas. Holy shit…whether she believes it or not, I love the fact that she said what I’ve been saying for months now.

NatalyaEverybody’s arguing about who started the Divas Revolution. Nobody mentions Natalya, which is odd since she was actually wrestling during a time when her competitors could only roll around in bikinis.

Then this happened on Twitter…

Yeah…that could be true if anybody actually knew or cared about who you are.

– This suddenly turned into a 6-person tag match by Corporate Kane during the commercial break. Tag Match!PCB vs Team Bella 1It was odd to watch because Paige doesn’t seem to hate Charlotte and Lynch, but doesn’t appear to want to be their friends any more, either. She hates Team Bella more and still feels the same way about them. Does this make Paige a lone wolf? Does somebody else join her to start yet another Diva faction? I just don’t know where all of this is going…but that’s okay. This is now intriguing me. For all of the shitty segment writing and match booking that WWE has done over the past few months, I’m interested to see what is going on with Paige…so if there’s nothing else, there’s that, I guess.

PCB vs Team Bella 2During the match, Paige decided to just up and leave. Natalya came out to ask Paige what she was doing before she was attacked by Paige. Nikki Bella then hit the Rack Attack and pinned Charlotte to a pretty big pop from the live crowd. I mean…this is exactly opposite what WWE Creative is trying to do, isn’t it?? It’s completely backfiring on them. The whole thing is ridiculous.

– There was a pretty good video package on the history of the feud between Big Show and Brock Lesnar.

– There is yet another backstage segment with Kane and Seth Rollins, with Kane giving Rollins a large present (with “Ashley” watching nearby). Inside was the severed head from Seth Rollins’ destroyed statue. Rollins thought it was creepy as hell and walked off. 

– The Prime Time Players are inside the ring and it looks like the former WWE tag team champions (y’know…the team that nobody cared about) are about to be fed to the Wyatt Family combo of Luke Harper and Braun Strowman.

At this point, the Canadian channel SportsNet experienced some “technical difficulties”. Thus…I can only assume that the Wyatt Family killed the Prime Time Players. PTP Murdered

StardustStardust is set for action against Neville. As much as I feel this match-up has been done to death already, I think there are still some exciting match possibilities between the two of them. To me, this feud has been building and building…so it hasn’t run its course quite yet.

King Barrett vs StardustJust as the match was beginning to build some steam, they went straight to the finish with Neville about to hit the Red Arrow. Goddammit…this frustrates me. I mean, THIS is why people are tired of seeing the match over and over…they don’t get any time to really give the world something great that they are capable of providing.

Then King Barrett‘s music hit and he made his way down to the ring. He knocked out Neville and then knocked out Stardust to show the WWE Universe that he’s back.

Kane was about to receive his in-ring HR evaluation when Seth Rollins interrupted. Rollins proceeded to say that he wasn’t going to hell because, in a meeting with the Pope last week, he was told that he was going to heaven. Ugh. Anyway, Ashley told the world just how awesome Kane was as Director of Operations. 

Rollins then gave Kane a Pedigree before grabbing a chair and brutally assaulting Kane. Doctors came out and wheeled Kane to the back. As the ambulance was taking off, it stopped and smoke poured out of the back of the ambulance. Out came “Demon Kane”. I mean…seriously.

Kane walked to the ring, beat-up Rollins, and gave him a Chokeslam before trying to hit the Tombstone piledriver…but Rollins then ran away. Kane then looked at the WWE title still laying on the mat and picked it up. I guess we officially have our title match for Hell in a Cell? Kane - none of my businessRandy Orton is set to destroy Bo Dallas, but not before he trashed some of the Buffalo Bills sitting at ringside. Of course, Dallas knows there is one way for them to win a championship…

BOLIEVE 1Bo Dallas vs Randy OrtonI had a Twitter discussion with someone last night about “WWE failed pushes” and he included Dallas in that group of performers. And while I totally agree with that, Dallas has to be held accountable to some extent. I know, I know…I’ve been a huge fan of Dallas since his WWE debut, but I also realize that the gimmick alone wasn’t going to be enough to get him over with the back office (and/or Vince). If nothing else, dude needs to lose a few pounds and hit the gym a bit. If he doesn’t want to do that, maybe find new ring gear. Either way, Dallas has a TON of tools but he appears to be his own worst enemy.

Anyway…Orton destroyed Dallas quickly and we move on.

Owens & Rusev vs RybackRyback is inexplicably joining the commentators at ringside so he can watch Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens take on Rusev (with Summer Rae). Almost immediately after the match starts, Owens pushes Rusev into Ryback and then a brawl begins. Ryback ends up getting destroyed by both Owens and Ryback until Dolph Ziggler makes his way down to the ring for the save.

Are they short on time tonight? Because this whole segment seemed to take seconds.

– Thankfully, Paul Heyman is shown walking out to ringside so he can save the entire show.

Big Show vs Paul HeymanUnfortunately, Heyman was interrupted by Big Show after only a few minutes on the mic, who proceeded to talk smack to the point that Heyman ran out of the ring in disgust and Show finished his promo like HE was the babyface. It was all just weird.

– Now it’s time for the main event of the evening: Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt. Roman ReignsWyatt comes out with Luke Harper & Braun Strowman, but Reigns insults Wyatt and calls him a bitch…resulting in the Family being sent to the back. So for now, we’ll end up with a one-on-one match between two of the WWE’s future superstars for years to come.

Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns 1I really enjoyed the match. It was hard-hitting and believable, as one man couldn’t maintain an advantage for too long over the other. It had a nice blend of old-school wrestling and some new-school power moves. Both men were beating the hell out of each other and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns 2

Eventually, things went outside of the ring and both men were counted out, yet continued to battle each other through the arena. And these guys continued to beat the living shit out of each other. There were a couple of pretty impressive spots and the crowd seemed to quickly forget about the double-countout as they started a “This is awesome” chant. Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns 3

In fact, after Reigns hit a spear out of nowhere to put Wyatt through the announcers’ table, the entire crowd went into a “YES! YES! YES!” chant before the show went off the air. Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns 4

Highlights are shown below.


Overall, again, this wasn’t the best episode of RAW by any stretch. But damn…I’m glad I stuck around until the end because the Reigns vs Wyatt match was really great, and the post-match brawl was fan-fucking-tastic. If you see anything from the show, watch that from the beginning because you’ll REALLY get into things by the time the episode is over.

But what are YOUR thoughts? Sound off in a comment below or via social media and let me know!


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The World According to ZAH: 09-25-15

Kane - none of my business– I’ve been catching up on my indy wrestling over the past couple of weeks, primarily with New Japan (not really “indy”, I know), Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and Ring of Honor. Two weeks ago I talked about how much I loved Dalton Castle and how he’s got a BIG future ahead of him (he’s just hitting his stride now, I think). There are two other guys who I’m super impressed with right now that I think need to be mentioned (and I’ll discuss them more on Canadian Bulldog’s World on Monday). The first is Brian_Cage-2Brian Cage, who is currently tearing things up in Lucha Underground and AAA in Mexico, but was previously signed to WWE developmental (prior to NXT). He was given a “Wolverine” gimmick (seriously), but injured himself and was let go. From what I’ve read, he also failed a Wellness Test (which may or may not even be accurate). After watching this man flip around and do moves like a man half his size, it’s fair to say that WWE should definitely give “Mr. GMSI” one more shot.

The second guy is Mike Bailey 2“Speedball” Mike Bailey. This guy is tiny and looks like someone even I could beat up…but don’t let his appearances fool you. He’s a martial arts expert and has transferred that and a love for professional wrestling into an incredible in-ring talent that is making crowds pop from PWG in California to Evolve in New York to IWS in Montreal. He’s DEFINITELY somebody you want to watch if he’s wrestling in a promotion near you. Just check out the highlights from his incredible PWG title match against Roderick Strong this past April.

Fear the Walking Dead Fear The Walking Dead seems to be crawling along. I haven’t really read much online since the initial episode debuted, but how that we’re four shows into everything I find it a little weird that we’re not “picking up the pace” a bit. I mean, I don’t need zombies everywhere and I totally understand the rationale behind slowly easing into things, but the last two episodes have seemed a little…boring. I hope the storyline progresses a little faster now that the government seems to be painted as “the bad guy” right now. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

The Dudley Boyz 1– This coming April will be 20 years since my all-time favourite tag team, the Dudley Boyz, began tagging together. It’s so satisfying to see them come back for one last run in WWE, which is essentially their home. Sure, they had a nice little run in TNA, but they need to come home to solidify their Hall of Fame careers and get one more WrestleMania moment. Whether Michael Cole was being genuine in this interview or not, I was really happy to see the Dudleyz smiling and just having fun and speaking candidly about coming back to WWE. Whether they win the tag titles is irrelevant, really. They are still super entertaining and can still work their asses off…so let’s just enjoy this last run and throw up three fingers. All hail the Dudleyz!

Asuka– Japanese wrestling sensation Kana made her NXT debut under the new name of Asuka, doing an “official signing” in-ring segment with William Regal. She was confronted by Emma and Dana Brooke, so that looks to be her first in-ring feud. What’s odd is that they are rushing her to television. My guess is that’s because the current roster of NXT divas isn’t quite as impressive as it was now that three out of the five great performers have been called up to the main roster. If you’d like to see what Asuka brings to the table, just check this out…

the muppets– I grew up watching The Muppet Show back in the 70’s (yes…I’m that old). My wife did, as well. Needless to say, the movie“reboot” of the Muppets a few years ago on the big screen resulted in our kids falling in love with the Muppets, too. So now ABC has a new series that debuted this past week called, appropriately enough, The Muppets. This is a complete reboot of their classic program and is shot like a cross between The Office and Modern Family. After the debut episode this week, I was super happy to see smart comedy and a very fast-pace. This show is smart and has enough adults-only references that the parents will love the show as much as the kids. I can’t wait to see more of this!

Eva 3– I fully realize that NXT is a place for future WWE superstars to develop and get better, but I have issue when they throw people on the program before they are ready. There is no case more apparent right now than with Eva Marie. And yes, I fully realize that the internet is crapping all over her right now in a very unfair manner. Listen…she doesn’t deserve to get shit on by everybody and their dog. That’s not right. On the other hand, though, WWE needs to recognize the fact that NXT has built-up its women’s division (and their entire brand, in general) on having some of the best WRESTLERS developing their skills on television. Admittedly, the talent pool has lessened considerably with only Bayley and Emma really showcasing the same kind of talent that left with Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte. Having said that, though, pushing Eva Marie at this point in her wrestling career is a bad move. I mean, Dana Brooke is green as grass but is still better inside the Eva 1ring than Eva. From top to bottom she looks fake and manufactured, from her fake red hair to her fake tan to her fake-looking lips and boobs. I mean, is there ANYTHING real on her? Regardless, she’s simply not “getting it”. You can see it in the ring. She doesn’t know anything other than the next move she’s scheduled to do. She hasn’t shown any great improvement in her in-ring skills and the fact that she’s being fed to the wolves (i.e. the WWE Universe) on a weekly basis is NOT helping her at all. Is she better now than she was before she trained with Brian Kendrick? Of course. Is she in-ring worthy yet? Or even television worthy??? No…of course not. Not even close. She’s a bad promo, too…so other than her gorgeous (but plastic) looks, she brings NOTHING to the table. Let her go back to modelling because this is a failed experiment that needs to end before WWE sinks even more money into this Titanic. Eva Marie's wrestling ability– If this isn’t the coolest point-after conversion you’ve ever seen, then I would LOVE to see what is. This is awesome…

Def LeppardSong of the Week this week comes from one of my all-time favourite bands, Def Leppard. Believe it or not, they’ve got a new album coming out soon and yes…their first single is fucking great! Trust me…if you were a fan of their Hysteria or Adrenalize records, you’ll love this new single. As a life-long fan who has always loved their music, this song makes me smile from ear to ear. Viva la rock!!


These are mine, but what are YOUR thoughts? Sound off in a comment below or via social media and let me know!


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Throwback Thursday – Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs The Great Muta

Great Muta vs Jushin LigerThis is one of my all-time favourite matches. It’s from 1996 in New Japan, this seemed like a dream match between Jushin “Thunder” Liger and the incredible Great Muta. However, Muta’s gimmick would not allow this to be a highly anticipated high-flying match-up. Instead, it was a violent brawl that saw Muta rip off Liger’s mask and the world see the debut of the ultra-violent “Kishin” Liger.

Jushin Thunder Liger vs Great Muta 1From the brutal piledriver on the table to the wicked chair shot from the top rope, this match really did bring hardcore to the ring without relying on gimmicks or insane blood loss. Instead, it relied on realistic violence and some incredible drama…as you truly get into things when “Kishin” is revealed.

Enjoy this Throwback Thursday match with two of the greatest Japanese wrestlers of all time.

Woman Crush Wednesday – Keeley Hazell

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is…








KeeleyKeeley is an English-born actress and model. She has graced the covers of FHM, Zoo, Loaded, and initially found superstardom by being a Page 3 girl in The Sun. She has been named The Sun’s Favourite Page 3 Girl of All Time, named the #1 sexiest body by Zoo Magazine three times and has been in the Top 5 of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women In The World five times.

Seriously…you want to click on and expand this picture. SWOON!!!

Keeley Hazell



RAW Thoughts

We are coming off the heels of a very mediocre Night of Champions event and we have new Intercontinental, Diva, and United States champions. With the return of “Demon Kane” and the severe injury to Sting, where will WWE go storyline-wise? There’s only one way to find out!!

Wyatt Family– The fireflies are in full force tonight as The Wyatt Family makes their way to the ring. Just as Bray Wyatt was delivering a pretty solid promo, out came Roman Reigns to interrupt him. Reigns proceeded to goad Wyatt into a one-on-one “fight” by telling Wyatt that he was afraid to take him on. It didn’t take long for Braun Strowman and Luke Harper interfered. This brought out Dean Ambrose for the save.

Dean Ambrose vs Braun StrowmanOf course, Strowman was too much for the babyfaces to handle, so the 3-on-2 fight wasn’t turning out very well for Reigns and Ambrose. I thought back to the territory days of Memphis and Georgia and thought that this beat down would have resulted in a major blade job. Anyhoo…just when things looked bleak for our heroes…

Randy Orton made his return to the ring! The battle went on for a couple of minutes before the Wyatts were knocked out of the ring and the music of Reigns played to signal a triumph for the babyfaces.

– Backstage, Seth Rollins is looking for The Authority so they can come up with a plan to take care of Demon Kane. Of course, inside Triple H’s office is “Corporate Kane“…

…who is happy to see Rollins and is glad to give Rollins a rematch for the United States title against John Cena tonight on RAW. Strange…I don’t know if they’re going with two Kane roles as him being legitimately insane or just playing Rollins for a fool. I guess we’ll find out in time.

Neville & the Lucha DragonsThe Cosmic Wasteland 2– Out came the Cosmic Wasteland of Stardust and The Ascension to take on Neville and the Lucha Dragons in a rematch of last night’s Kickoff Show. The match itself was okay, but the last couple of minutes after Neville’s hot tag to Kalisto was pretty awesome. In the end, Kalisto pinned one of The Ascension for his team’s win. Give him another couple of years and he really could be Rey Mysterio 2.0 for the company. Great talent in that guy.

– Backstage, Rollins finds Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and tells them what’s going on with Kane and his rematch with Cena tonight. They tell him to just worry about regaining the United States title from Cena and they’ll take care of Kane. As the camera fades, we’re given the distinct impression that The Authority have no idea what’s going on with Kane. Interesting…

Ryback vs DallasRyback is out and ready to get back on a winning streak. I just love how they are trying to promote the fact that a RAKE OF THE EYES CAUSED RYBACK TO BE PINNED!! I’ve been watching wrestling for over 30 years and I’ve gotta say, I have NEVER seen an eye rake cause a pinfall. I mean…what the actual fuck, WWE?? How lazy have you gotten??

Well…I don’t remember it ever happening in the last 20 years. And yes, the announcers mentioned JBL‘s Intercontinental title victory over CM Punk, but take a look at this video first (around the 8:20 mark).

The eye rake led to a Clothesline From Hell which led to the pinfall. Last night, Owens raked Ryback’s eyes and immediately pinned him. BIG difference.

Bye bye BoUnfortunately, Bo Dallas is the one being fed to Ryback. Fortunately, Kevin Owens comes out to show off his new title and join the men on commentary. Dallas proceeds to congratulate Owens while disrespecting Ryback. It’s a damn shame, really…Dallas is so talented that I just don’t understand why WWE Creative can’t do something with him. He can wrestle, he can promo, and he’s got a gimmick that can be expanded upon in a variety of ways.

As you’d expect, Ryback won quickly. Owens tried to attack him after the bell but Ryback fought him off. Thus we end the segment with the promise of an eventual rematch (ugh).

Diva celebration

Ric FlairRic Flair makes his way down to the ring to help celebrate his daughter’s emotional winning of the Divas championship last night. He said that the proudest moment of his entire wrestling career was when “his little girl” won the Divas championship. Out came Team PCB to a pretty decent ovation.

Charlotte said that if she can make Ric half as proud of her as she is of him, then her life is complete. Flair was crying because he was so proud of her, watching her blossom as Divas champion. It’s something else to see the crossover between storyline and real life. Team PCB & Ric Flair

Of course, the expected heel turn by Paige took place when she grabbed the microphone. She went out and proceeded to tear down the Divas Revolution and gave her own little shoot promo. As she walked off, the crowd was split between cheers and indifference.

This tweet was interesting, too…

Out came Team Bella to a large cheer from the girls in the audience. Jesus…one week after people defended her as being the “lead heel” in the women’s division, she proceeded to give a Cena-esque babyface promo. I just don’t understand WWE Creative booking. They’ve botched this entire “Revolution” to the point that they had to implode it on RAW only a couple of months after it began.


Brie Bella vs CharlotteThankfully, we’re about to get a Charlotte vs Brie Bella match, so it shouldn’t be too bad. What’s odd is that Charlotte acts like a cocky heel, which is supposed to come across as a bad-ass babyface…and because her character and gimmick haven’t really been developed enough, the audience isn’t sure how to feel about her.

Figure 8The match itself was fine, with Brie going after the injured leg of Charlotte to a smattering of cheers. In the end, Charlotte won in a “gutsy win” with the Figure 8. Team Bella didn’t try to interfere or anything, thus not doing anything “heelish”. I just don’t understand the booking of the Divas and haven’t since the Revolution was launched. You’d think it was The Invasion angle all over again.

Sheamus vs Mark Henry– “Mr. Money in the Bank” Sheamus is ready to take on “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. It took less than five minutes for Henry to eat a Brogue Kick and get pinned. I never thought Henry would end up becoming enhancement talent at this stage in his career. He’s earned more than that.

– Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie meet up with Corporate Kane and proceed to tell him that they understand that he wants to play mind games with Seth Rollins. While they hadn’t heard from him since he had his leg broken by Brock Lesnar, they are willing to start over again…as long as he gives them his mask. He denies knowing where it is but promises to look for it. It’s quite the odd storyline…

– Backstage, Paige meets up with Natalya and we find out that she still works for WWE and even has a match with Naomi later tonight. She then tells Paige that the only person standing in her way is her.

New Day & Rusev vs Dudley Boyz & Dolph ZigglerTHE NEW DAY is here!!! So weird…they’re heels yet the cameras love picking up people in the audience clapping for them. Because Xavier Woods had a big piece of wood stuck up his ass last night after being put through a table, Rusev is teaming with New Day in taking on the Dudley Boyz and Dolph Ziggler (who is looking more and more like a new-age Heartbreak Kid).

The match was pretty entertaining. Hell…I’d dare say it was better than either one of their respective matches from last night.

At one point, Woods was playing Rusev’s theme song on the trombone. Unbelievably entertaining.

While Rusev was pummeling Ziggler, he began to scream at him. He said, “LANA IS MINE!!!” and the seeds have been planted for the eventual re-teaming of Lana and Rusev (hopefully). It’s all very interesting.

The end came when Woods tried to distract Ziggler, who proceeded to superkick him in the face off the ring apron. As soon as he turned around, though, he ate a superkick by Rusev and the heels picked up the win.

NatalyaNaomi vs NatalyaTeam B.A.D. came out and Naomi was ready to take on Natalya. Let’s face it, Natalya started the Divas Revolution by being the first woman to really know how to wrestle during a time when all other Divas were barely-trained models. In this match, I don’t know if I ever saw Naomi look as good as she did tonight…so what does that tell you?


Of course, distractions by Sasha Banks and Tamina meant that Naomi ended up winning…so what does this mean for Natalya? Who the hell knows…I’m starting to become disenchanted with the whole thing.

Big Show vs Cesaro 1Big Show and Cesaro are ready to lock up. This, apparently, is retribution for Big Show punching out Cesaro a couple of weeks ago. Maybe to make up for being decimated by Sting last week, Show completely dominated Cesaro for the first few minutes of the match. Cesaro then made his comeback with a dozen different European uppercuts and, incredibly, a vertical suplex.

In a strange twist, though, Big Show was able to get up first and hit a Knockout Punch for the pinfall. I mean…this was primarily a squash match. I thought Cesaro was gaining momentum? What the hell happened?

Cena vs RollinsCena vs Rollins 1– It’s main event time as John Cena takes on Seth Rollins. I’ll tell you…Cena has been on fire all year long, but his matches with Rollins remind me of the classic matches between Edge and the Undertaker. The more they wrestled, the more Edge learned and got better in the matches…thus the more even things got. I’m finding the same thing. The last two matches between Cena and Rollins has seen a fired-up Rollins, who has put on incredible showcases of in-ring skills in an effort to prove to the entire world that he’s the best in the world right now.

Cena vs Rollins 2As expected, these two put on another great match. The story was that both of them were pretty beaten up from the night before, though more-so for Rollins since Cena acted like a total heel and gave Rollins an AA on the floor once their match was completely over (which Michael Cole actually tried to JUSTIFY). To me, these matches rival Cena’s classic matches against CM Punk as being some of the best of his career.

The end came when Rollins hit a frog splash off the top that Cena no-sold, rolled through the pinning attempt, and then hit the AA for the finish. FFS…I hate “Super Cena”.

Corporate Kane then appeared on the Titan Tron and spoke to Rollins about challengers appearing for his WWE World title. Demon Kane then came up from underneath the ring and pulled Rollins down with him. Smoke billowed up through the hole in the ring as the show ended.



This was a pretty good episode of RAW that was better than last week’s episode and even better than last night’s PPV. Storylines progressed and the matches were pretty good overall. Sure, there are still some really puzzling creative decisions, but that shouldn’t be surprising at this point.

But what did YOU think?