Who From #ToughEnough Deserves A Second Chance ?

Should anybody from this season of Tough Enough get a second chance?

Obviously, this season of Tough Enough had a good amount of flaws involved. Any show that has somebody like ZZ make it all the way to the finals simply HAD to have flaws. zz 4

So what were they?

  • The judges seemed to base their “Bottom 3” choices on what they happened to see on that week’s television show. Really? That doesn’t seem to be a very good way to make a decision.
  • The trainers didn’t appear to have a lot of say in who they thought should be in the bottom three. Whether they were able to speak to the judges or not, the trainers were the ones who worked with the contestants all week long. If anybody knew who should stay or who should go, it would be them.
  • The contestants were terrible. Listen, I realize that WWE wants people who have zero background in wrestling so they can train them from the ground-up, but they also need to look at the current landscape and see who their top stars are. John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Finn Bálor, Sami Zayn, Neville, Cesaro, and Seth Rollins were all products of the independent circuit before coming to WWE.
  • sara lee 1Tough Enough should be about current indy guys (maybe with a year or two of experience) who can be shaped and molded into good workers who can promo. When you see somebody like Sara Lee (who can’t seem to take anything seriously) or ZZ (who made a mockery of the entire industry) do so well, you need to re-evaluate your recruitment process.

So having said all that, WWE.com recently had a poll asking the WWE Universe who they thought should be given a second chance. Considering a lot of talented people were cut prematurely, this was a poll that had the potential to be very controversial:

Tough Enough second chance

I looked at this list and really had to think about it. To me, there were a few names that deserved consideration…


Whether she played the part of heel or was simply a big-time bitch, Amanda made it to the finals because she is (a) drop-dead fucking gorgeous and (b) has the athletic ability to actually “get it” inside of the ring. I could totally see her as a WWE Diva in a few years. Amanda


Obviously, Patrick was cut way too early. The problem with Patrick was that he was too full of himself and it translated into somebody that people didn’t really care for. Having said that, he has all of the ability in the world and, at only 19 years of age, he can absolutely be molded and transformed into a fantastic all-around performer. Patrick


To me, the only other woman who could run with the “big dogs” in the ring was Chelsea. Yes, GiGi was probably hotter and had more of the classic Divas look; but Chelsea was attractive AND wanted to be a great in-ring worker. I think she could flourish under Sara Del Ray at the Performance Center. This Lance Storm-trained competitor could be the next part of the “Diva’s Revolution” is given the opportunity. Chelsea

Having said all of that, however, I didn’t actually vote for any of them. I instead voted for Mada.


Mada is a guy that I thought had the potential to be something really big. The guy had intensity, the look, and the personality for professional wrestling. While I believe that Josh deserved to win Tough Enough (and I think you’ll see him inside an NXT ring in a year or two), I think Mada should be given the chance to come back and train to really see if he can be what WWE is looking for. He’s only 27, is 6’6”, weighs 270 lbs, and has both athletic ability and charisma to spare. Tell me that doesn’t deserve a shot at the Performance Center. Mada

So how did the WWE Universe vote?

Tough Enough poll results

JoshI guess only time will tell if WWE picks up ANY of the Tough Enough contestants. To me, though, the pickings were slim this season. While I believe that Josh can truly become a WWE Superstar in 5-10 years, the company really needs to expand their minds to include indy guys that are willing to learn and train and change whatever bad habits they have. I think it’s the only way you’ll truly find the next big WWE superstar.

But what are YOUR thoughts? Sound off in a comment below or via social media and let me know!


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