ZAH Thoughts: 09-04-15

What an insane week for wrestling…

Billy Jack Haynes has a crazy rant against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. I really don’t know what’s worse in this video; the sad physical and mental state that Haynes appears to be in or the incredibly ridiculous blonde mullet that he’s sporting.

Jeannie Clark & Steve AustinHere’s a quick history lesson: Billy Jack Haynes married Jeanie “Lady Blossom” Clarke in 1983 in order to help her stay in the United States (she wasn’t actually married to “Gentleman” Chris Adams, so when they split up she had no other way  to remain in the country). They later divorced and Clarke ended up dating Steve Austin in 1989 and marrying him in 1992. To the best of my knowledge, there was no domestic violence claims from Clarke towards Austin…so Haynes holding up a paper with her face on it and calling Austin a “woman beater” doesn’t seem to make any sense. Haynes challenges Austin

Stone Cold & DebraHaving said that, he could very well be referring to a domestic violence situation that happened back in 2002 with Austin and Debra Marshall, but even if that were the case it’s a stupid way to try to get under a guy’s skin and challenge him to a “shoot” fight. For the incident with Debra, Austin ended up pleading no contest and was given a year’s probation, a $1,000 fine, and ordered to carry out 80 hours of community service. So in terms of the law, he paid his debt to society. He didn’t “get away with” anything.

Billy Jack Haynes WCCWAnd Haynes certainly isn’t one to talk. In several interviews, the former wrestler has gone on record to admitting that he was used as a drug mule.  He thought he was transporting marijuana, but in reality it was cocaine. When he found out that he was transporting a bigger money item…Haynes took it upon himself to skim money from the drug dealers he was working for. When the dealers found out that Haynes was stealing money from them, two attempted hits were made against Haynes. One of which was getting stabbed in the face and left for dead.

So is this really going to make money for Haynes? Will this end up somehow helping him buy a new set of teeth? The fact that Portland Wrestling is promoting this is a sad situation. Did they tell Haynes this could work for him? Because right now it’s not going to go anywhere but into the footnotes of a sad, sorry little man’s obituary.

Zahra Schreiber 1Zahra Schreiber was fired from WWE for Nazi images (or technically speaking, “due to inappropriate and offensive remarks”). This is kind of a weird story in itself. Schreiber was in the news awhile back for getting involved with Seth Rollins while he was engaged, which resulted in his fiance sending out nude pics of both Schreiber AND Rollins on social media. While that firestorm was dying down, Schreiber was rehabbing an injury. Just last weekend, though, she debuted at an NXT live event as Solomon Crowe‘s sister/manager/valet. For whatever reason, this set off alarms for the internet who decided to empty the skeletons from her closet.

Schreiber nazi pony

At the time, Schreiber defended her pics. This is what she had to say…

“I said that referring to her saying the swastika symbol deserves to be spat on. It has other meanings also. F–k off. I’ll take interest anything I want. If you look next to it is a photo of an actress who refused Nazism and was awarded right to America. I’ll put whatever I want on wall. Get the f–k over it.”

zahra 2Obviously, this type of imagery, regardless of the symbol’s original intent, is seen to be extremely offensive. WWE had no choice but to let her go. It’s a shame, really…she had an extremely unique look and could have done something with the company.

This has opened up an entirely new can of worms for WWE in reference to their employees and social media. There needs to be some kind of course or background check for ALL new hires to ensure this type of embarrassing situation doesn’t happen again.

Bram & Charlotte– TNA wrestler Thomas “Bram” Latimer arrested and charged with domestic battery by strangulation and false imprisonment. You gotta love when the only news TNA can get is this type of news. Everybody knows that Latimer has a temper. He got shit-canned from WWE for punching a police officer, so this really shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone. Thankfully, his recent marriage to Ashley Fliehr (aka Charlotte) ended a few months ago and he was dating another woman (as they hammer out final divorce details)…so this didn’t involve her at all.

What a shame. This guy has “star” written all over him but can’t seem to get his shit together.

WWE Performance Center– A deranged fan shot at the WWE Performance Center. In one of the scarier situations that happened this past week, a crazy fan (Armando Montalvo) showed up at the Performance Center after previously been warned to stay away. Police showed up and deputies ended up shooting the fan (a deputy and the victim got into a struggle and the deputy believed he was in serious danger).

Hogan racistHulk Hogan gave a tearful plea for forgiveness. Instead of doing the smart thing and drifting off into the background for awhile until things “blow over”, Hogan decided to do some media rounds (including Good Morning America) to apologize and explain his racist ranting. Honestly…why can’t he just go away for awhile? Whether it’s talking smack about a kid that his son crippled in a car crash, getting caught-up in a sex tape scandal with his best friend’s wife, or now using the dreaded “n-word”…he’s constantly in the news and constantly apologizing. Just go away and stay out of trouble for awhile. PLEASE.

Snuka-Argentino 2Jimmy Snuka was charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter after a grand jury determined he repeatedly assaulted Nancy Argentino in May 1983 in a motel and then left her in bed to die. What else is there to say about this one? The story is very well known (if you want to recap, there is an excellent timeline of events at this link) and Snuka’s life couldn’t be any worse at the moment . Here’s the thing…regardless of whether or not he actually committed the crime is irrelevant at this point; he just should have kept his big mouth shut (or in this case, been more careful when writing his autobiography).

At the end of the day, these are the reasons why he was charged after so long…

  • The medical and forensic evidence from the autopsy report (only released to the public in 2013…30 years after the events took place) differs from Snuka’s explanation of the incident.
  • Snuka’s many conflicting versions of what happened on the night in question (most recently in his autobiography).
  • Testimony from Buddy Rogers and others about previous domestic abuse incidents involving Snuka (which is circumstantial, but still relevant).

Snuka-Argentino 4The 72 year old wrestler arrived in court on Tuesday via wheelchair. He was also attached to a feeding tube when he arrived (more than likely due to the stomach cancer he was recently diagnosed with). His defense lawyer is claiming that Snuka is suffering from partial dimentia, which will limit his ability to properly defend himself and his right to a fair trial:

“He is not in good shape physically or mentally. I’m not sure he realized what was going on. I’m not sure what his cognitive abilities are. I don’t see it ever getting better. … “His faculties are so compromised you wouldn’t know what he’s saying. He doesn’t understand a simple conversation. You put him up against a sharp prosecutor asking, ‘Remember 30 years ago when you said this …,’ he has no recollection.”

Nancy Argentino 1The whole thing is a damn shame. It’s horrible for the family and friends of Argentino (who was a beautiful woman with her entire life ahead of her); it’s terrible for the friends and family of Snuka; and again…whether he did it or not…it’s just a terrible time for Snuka himself (maybe it’s karma coming to bite him in the ass).


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