25 All-Time Hottest Female Wrestlers with # 2 – Maryse Mizanin

Maryse 20Maryse 5Born Maryse Ouellet in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, “Mrs. Mizanin” has had quite the life experience up until this point. She has been a Playboy model, a Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada, a participant in the 2006 WWE Diva Search, a 2-time Divas champion (in 2009, Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked her #9 in the Best 50 Female Wrestlers), a performer in music videos, a model in magazines, an actress in television programs, a former owner of a clothing & jewellery line, and a licensed realtor in Los Angeles. Whew…have you got all of that?Maryse 8Maryse 9Currently, Maryse is a license realtor in Los Angeles (she studied for over a year in order to get her license). She is married to WWE Superstar Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. She also appears at various events and autograph signings all around the United States. She’s no “blonde bimbo”, either…having earned a degree in Business Administration. She’s also no wallflower, having earned a black belt in martial arts, as well. She is also an outspoken animal rights activist. Maryse 4Maryse 16Trivia Notes: While born in Montreal, Maryse was raised in Edmunston, New Brunswick. As such, she was the only girl in her class and ended up running the school’s fashion show. She appeared on the cover of Playboy’s 2007 Girls of Canada issue. She actually began as a manager in FCW, managing Sylvain Grenier and then Ted DiBiase Jr (as a sign of things to come?) for a time. While unable to speak it, she can actually read Spanish. Finally, she made her movie debut in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! as a security guard. If you ever needed a reason to dislike The Miz, knowing he is married to Maryse should be more than enough reason for you. Maryse 15Maryse 19Maryse 2Maryse 3Maryse 7Maryse 12Maryse 13Maryse 21Maryse 22



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