#ThrowbackThursday – Zahra Schreiber

Oh Zahra…we never even knew you.

Zahra Schreiber is famous for being infamously involved in the Seth Rollins’ penis on Instagram” scandal. She’s reportedly dating Rollins right now, so while being labeled a “home wrecker” by some (Rollins was engaged at the time of the scandal) at least they’re still together…which takes a tiny bit of the sting out of getting released by WWE.

It’s weird, as I’ve grown older I’ve come to appreciate women with tattoos more and more. Zahra is hotter than hell and has even been training for awhile (with Truth Martini, Jimmy Jacobs, and former TNA star Monty Brown), so I guess we’ll never truly know how great she could have been if she wasn’t a Nazi-sympathizer (or a person appreciative of the symbol’s positivity or whatever she claimed was the case).

At the end of the day, though, we can always appreciate how hot she truly is and dream of what could have been. That’s why this week’s Throwback Thursday is a tribute to a smokin’ hot woman who was released last week…

zahra 1Zahra 1Zahra 8zahra 2Zahra 4 zahra 4Zahra 5Zahra 7zahra 3Zahra 9Zahra 6Zahra Schreiber nude

Seth Rollins is a VERY lucky man…


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