The World According to ZAH: 09-11-15

NFL 2015– The 2015-16 NFL season is now upon us and I, for one, couldn’t be any happier. I’m a part of 16 (count ’em!!) fantasy football pools and I plan on winning every single one of ’em!! Okay…maybe not win, but as long as I don’t end up last in any of them I’ll consider it a major win. I really don’t know who will be the break-out star this year or what team might take it all…but I’m still rooting for my (now) mismanaged New York Jets and I’m also rooting for the Buffalo Bills (I’m a Rex Ryan fan). Bring on the season!!

Rico Constantino 1– Rico Constantino isn’t much of a fan of Bubba Ray Dudley. Holding a grudge for YEARS after he should have really gotten over it, Constantino (real name: Americo Sebastiano Costantino) was recently interviewed and had the following to say about Dudley:

“You are a spoiled brat. If you don’t get your way, you hurt people, and you do it on purpose. You’re a spoiled, little baby. You want to win a title? Go win Gladiators, you fat pig. That’s what I’m thinking. If you’re listening, Bubba, come here to Vegas and I’ll tell it to your frickin’ face.”

Rico Constantino 2He goes on to tell a story that seemed like a situation where egos got involved and cooler heads then prevailed. I mean, this was over ten years ago…fucking move on with your life, Rico. I mean, for chrissakes…maybe Dudley has changed over the years. I sure as shit know that I’m not the same guy I was a decade ago. Instead of being so vindictive, maybe release the grudge and move on to a happier place. You can brag about winning on American Gladiator all you want and call him fat until the cows come home, but you were a bit player and a forgotten footnote in the world of professional wrestling while he’ll go down as a member of one of the greatest tag teams of all time.

And yes…fly me to Vegas and I’ll be more than happy to tell that to your face.

Jasmin Areebi 1– Another NXT performer (the VERY hot Jasmin Areebi) may be in a heap of trouble after Reddit “outed” some insensitive (or borderline racist) comments that she made on Twitter a few years ago when she was 16. If they are legitimate (and it’s hard to tell because the internet seems intent on trying to bring down anybody who is trying to be a success these days), then she needs to go the way of Zahra and lose her job. Here are the comments…Jasmin 1 Jasmin 3 Jasmin 2

“Insensitive” doesn’t begin to describe these words. But you can’t just blame her age, though. This Instagram picture was taken down, but not before it was captured and (now) scrutinized…

Jasmin 4Yeah…you want to tell the world that you need a whip for your black slave. Ugh…

Let’s face it…we live in a world where these comments are considered flat-out racist, whether you believe them to be or not. Why is this now a “thing” for NXT women? Is it the type of people being hired? What the hell is wrong with people??

And it’s a shame because, let’s face it…this is what we’ll be missing: Jasmin Areebi 2FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: Apparently WWE did an independent investigation to get to the bottom of the tweets. This is what they told TMZ:

“Jasmin’s Twitter account was used without her knowledge when she was 16 and 17 years old. Jasmin remains apologetic for any offensive remarks that were made.”

So there you go. Crisis averted.

Heidi Klum’s ass. Heidi Klum apparently enjoys a good spanking. Heidi Klum enjoys banging young men. Since becoming a judge on America’s Got Talent, Heidi Klum has gotten infinitely hotter in my eyes. Goddamn…Heidi Klum

Road House 2– Ronda Rousey is being tapped to play the Patrick Swayze role in a remake of Road House. I don’t know about you, but I loved the shit out of that cheesy movie back in the day. I think this could be a fun, kick-ass flick and I think Rousey is the perfect person for the role. I mean, she brings legitimate “bad-assery” to the table and…let’s be honest…it was a hard sell trying to convince movie-goers that Swayze was a bad-ass bouncer who could kick anybody’s ass after everybody saw him in Dirty Dancing. I’m already looking forward to this movie. Road House 3

– Pro Wrestling Guerilla has released two trailers for the first two nights of BOLA 2015. Oh my god…how incredible does this show look?



I have said this a hundred times already and I’ll continue to say it…PWG could have my hard-earned money in a heartbeat if they only offered streaming of their shows or downloadable purchases. I realize it’s an expensive proposition, but goddamn…this could be the hottest independent promotion in the United States if they only opened up the avenues for people to watch it. It’s 2015…I have zero desire to buy a wrestling DVD and have it sit on my shelf. I would, however, purchase online media in a second if it were available.

– Katy Perry had her hands thrown into concrete at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles this past week. Congrats are in order, I suppose. I enjoyed the pictures of the ceremony because they showed off her big…uhh…hands. Yeah…that’s it. Katy Perry's big hands

– I got to watch Dalton Castle for the first time last weekend. I think this guy could be the second coming of…well…I dunno. I mean, this guy’s ring entrance and character are just so original…I don’t know if I can really compare him to anybody else (I think “Exotic” Adrian Street might be the closest I can think of). And “the boys”??? I just don’t know how to describe any of it, to be honest (just wait until you see the 3-minute mark).

And guess what? Castle is extremely talented inside the ring, as well. The guy can wrestle, he’s got a GREAT gimmick that’s about as unique as you’ll find, and he’s got promo skills and charisma that you simply won’t find anywhere else. I’m absolutely blown away by Castle right now and I’m really looking forward to seeing how Ring of Honor utilizes his tremendous talents over the coming year or two. At age 29, he is just hitting his stride now and this 7-year indy veteran is ready for the spotlight.

Trust me…this guy is going somewhere. BIG time.

– The only thing worse than seeing wrestling fans butchering grammar on Twitter is seeing wrestlers either retweet them or do the same thing themselves. Thank goodness we have YouTube and the greatness of CM Punk

– Yesterday it was announced that the next main event will be the following…

How incredibly awesome is that?? They already had a match considered by many to be a serious contender for Match of the Year, so just think of what Bayley and Sasha Banks can do with 30 minutes??

Sunny 2– I’m glad that Tammy “Sunny” Sytch is finding a way to make money for herself. I’m also happy to know that it’s not through porn (although I would definitely still watch it, for the record). While I haven’t actually participated in one of her “Skype calls”, it’s not hard to find photos of her online to see what you get for your money. And once you’ve seen what it costs to see her do “stuff”, you gotta wonder just where these guys are getting their money from. In addition to that, Sytch has said that WWE hasn’t given her anything in the past three years and she is making more money weekly now than she was on the road with WWE full-time back in the 1990’s (though I find that hard to believe).

Sunny goes off

Sunny 1She might not be the “classy diva” that everybody remembers, but she’s trying to pay her bills and make a living. If guys want to spend money to Skype with her, then all the power to her. She’s not hurting anyone and it appears WWE doesn’t really care about anything other than the “reputation” their company could get from having a Hall of Famer getting naked for dudes on webcam. It’s not like WWE has a “back to work” program to help re-educate performers without educations who only know how to wrestle to earn a living…so this is what she’s doing. I say let her be.

Song of the Week this week is from a guy who reminds me a bit like Dalton Castle. And y’know…I want to try to tie it all together. So here is Forget It In A Day by Vine star (and yes…that’s really a “thing”…the dude has over 4.8 million followers!!) Nicholas Megalis.


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