How Pushing Nikki Bella Has Hurt The Divas Revolution

horsewomenReaders of this blog know just how much I’ve enjoyed the new “Divas Revolution” after watching their progression in NXT. Paige, Natalya, and the Four Horsewomen (Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bayley) have had matches that have eclipsed the men in many circumstances. I went from NOT being a fan of women’s wrestling at all to someone who has become a massive fan.

The problem (as you probably know already) is that since the “Revolution” was introduced on RAW awhile back, WWE Creative has (predictably) hurt the Revolution more than they have helped it. Don't MatterThey have effectively placed Sasha Banks (arguably the most talented and most “over” of any of the women) on the backburner while pushing the most untalented in-ring performer on the roster as their champion, Nikki Bella.

Nikki BellaLet’s face it…Nikki Bella is only champion because of (a) her breasts and (b) who she is sleeping with. Her in-ring ability is average, at best. Her promo skills are slightly above average. She encompasses EVERYTHING that is wrong with the past decade+ of “divas wrestling”. The fact that she is claiming (legitimately) to be the BEGINNING of the “Divas Revolution” is a black mark against the Divas championship itself.

The WormI realize that because of her association with CM Punk, AJ Lee is persona-non-Grata with WWE at the moment and the company wanted to erase her from recently memory as much as they did with Punk. The problem, though, is that they are using a non-talented NOT OVER heel to do it. The only people WWE is pissing off is the Internet community, as Bella routinely gets a smattering of boos and cheers with every introduction…but never really much of one or the other.

Bella isn’t the “second coming” or “female version” of anybody (**cough**John Cena**cough**), regardless of what she might think about herself. She’s a joke and the majority of fans (both online and casual) just don’t care about her or her character very much. I mean, how much effort and storylines and television time has been put into BOTH Bellas getting over within the past year? Yet here we are and the fans barely make any noise at all for either one of them.

Nikki BellaThe fact that she’s barely defended the title at all over the past few months makes WWE pushing her as an “incredible champion” (as said by Michael Cole on RAW this week) or a “fighting champion” (as said by JBL on RAW this week) all the more laughable. They try and try to re-write history and make you forget the actuality of the situation, but most fans can see through the bullshit. She might be beautiful, but Nikki Bella is a fucking joke.

With all of the incredible talent that WWE currently has on their women’s roster (Charlotte, Paige, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Bayley, even Alicia Fox), I’m having an extremely difficult time trying to understand how they are completely messing up the “Divas Revolution”. This is an era where women like Ronda Rousey are box office smashes and are legitimately making male fans of more than just sex appeal.

WWE has the ability to do something very similar with their current Divas. The problem, though, is that they can’t seem to take what worked in NXT and relay that to the WWE Universe, resulting in something that is almost dead before it really takes off. Don't worry Vince...


But what do YOU think? Did Nikki Bella deserve to break AJ Lee’s longevity record as Divas champion? Has she earned her place as the “dominant Diva” over the past year? Sound off in a comment below or via social media and let me know!


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