Top 25 Hottest Women Wrestlers of All Time – On The Bubble…

If I did my Top 25 again now, there would be a few women who would be included because they weren’t really around the main roster a few months ago. There are some other women who were “on the bubble”, so to speak. There was even one I had completely forgotten about (and she would have ranked quite highly, too). So I figured it was my duty to show you who didn’t make the Top 25 but was very, very close to doing so…

Eva Marie

I gotta be honest…there’s something about Eva since joining WWE that just screams out “fake” to me. Her hair colour, her tan, her breasts, and even her plastic-looking face all look fake. The flip side, obviously, is that in spite of her shitty attitude, plastic-look, and complete lack of wrestling ability whatsoever…she’s still pretty damn hot. Eva 1 eva 2 Eva 3 Eva 4

Jackie (Gayda) Haas

This was the one drop-dead gorgeous woman that I had completely forgotten about. I don’t know where she would have ranked in the end, but I am certain she would have been in the top half of the list…easily. She has now had FOUR children with retired wrestler Charlie Haas, but somehow looks just as gorgeous now as she did over a decade ago when she won a Tough Enough contract.

Jackie Gayda 1Jackie Gayda 2 Jackie Gayda 5 Jackie Gayda 6 Jackie Gayda 7 Jackie Gayda 8Jackie Gayda 4

Becky Lynch

Formerly known on the indy circuit as Rebecca Knox, I have to say that I’ve always found Lynch attractive…but there’s something about her new “steam-punk orange hair” look that just rocks my world. I have got the biggest crush on her right now…I swoon every time she’s on my TV. She’s the punk-rock girl next door who you’d really like to get to know better.Rebecca Knox 1Becky 1 Becky 3Rebecca Knox 2Becky 2Becky 1Rebecca Knox 3

Candice LeRae

I only left LeRae off this list because I considered her REALLY cute, but not “hot”. However, as I continue to follow her on Twitter and YouTube, there’s just something about her that’s really attractive to me. She doesn’t come across as the “classic Diva”, but she’s still EXTREMELY bangable…and that’s good enough for me. The fact that she could kick my ass makes her even MORE attractive. Candice 1Candice LeRae 6Candice LeRae 7Candice LeRae 5Candice LeRae 8 Candice 2Candice 1 Candice 3

Sasha Banks

The Boss is not only the best female wrestler on the planet, she’s one of the hottest, too. I’m just sorry that I took so long to come around to noticing her beauty in addition to her in-ring talents. Her swagger helps her be THAT much hotter, because she’s the girl you’ll NEVER get in a million years…and that’s a pretty hot quality to have. Sasha 3Sasha 1Sasha 1 Sasha 2 Sasha 3Sasha 2 Sasha 4


The third member of the Ezno Amore & Colin Cassady team has barely been showcased on NXT since her initial debut (well…”barely been showcased” meaning that I haven’t seen nearly enough of her over the past year+). Give her time, though…they can’t hold back this smokin’ hot former Patriots cheerleader and Laker girl with a ton of charisma too long. As Enzo always says, she’s hot as hell and you can’t…teach…that. Carmella 8Carmella 6 Carmella 2Carmella 3Carmella 2 Carmella 3Carmella 7Carmella 4

Ashley Massaro

This former Diva is normally forgotten about because of her quick (and quiet) exit from sports entertainment. But whether or not you enjoyed her unique style or piercings, you cannot deny just how hot she was…

Ashley Massaro 6 Ashley Massaro 8 Ashley Massaro 5 Ashley Massaro 2 Ashley Massaro 9


Again, I realize that Ashley Fliehr is not what most would consider the “classic Diva” in looks. But whenever I see her, I see super long-legs that connect to a great ass which connects to a finely-toned middle section. Where she’s three inches taller than me, I feel like I would be “climbing the unclimbable mountain” with her…because she’s built solid as a rock. I just love this woman. Charlotte 1 Charlotte 2 Charlotte 3 Charlotte 4 Charlotte 5

Tessa Blanchard

The daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Tully Blanchard has been hitting the indy circuit for months now honing her craft and preparing for her eventual WWE opportunity. I see big things for this sexy multiple-generation star (4th gen? 5th gen?). I mean, just look at how tight her physique is…she’s been working hard and it’s definitely paying off. She’s going to be more than ready for the main roster once WWE gives her a shot. Tessa 1Tessa Blanchard 1Tessa 2Tessa Blanchard 2 Tessa 3Tessa Blanchard 4

Alexa Bliss

Bliss is a former bodybuilder and fitness competitor, so it only goes without saying that she’s got an incredible physique. I only really noticed it at NXT: Takeover Brooklyn when she was outside of the ring, as her ass had me mesmerized every time the camera was on it. And where she’s so petite, she’d be a TON of fun behind closed doors (#drool). Crude, I know…but she’s smokin’ hot so cut me a bit of slack, will ya? Alexa 1 Alexa 2 Alexa 3 Alexa 4Alexa 5

Katie Linendoll

While technically not a wrestler at all, there is something about a nerdy, cute woman who is a massive wrestling fan that is a super turn on. She’s a regular on Fox News and the Today Show, but she also joins the Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast periodically to give her well-informed opinions on the wrestling scene. Any woman who loves wrestling this much is infinitely more attractive to me. This particular woman just happens to be cute to begin with. Katie 3Katie 1Katie 2Katie 2 Katie 1Katie 3


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