The World According to ZAH: 09-25-15

Kane - none of my business– I’ve been catching up on my indy wrestling over the past couple of weeks, primarily with New Japan (not really “indy”, I know), Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and Ring of Honor. Two weeks ago I talked about how much I loved Dalton Castle and how he’s got a BIG future ahead of him (he’s just hitting his stride now, I think). There are two other guys who I’m super impressed with right now that I think need to be mentioned (and I’ll discuss them more on Canadian Bulldog’s World on Monday). The first is Brian_Cage-2Brian Cage, who is currently tearing things up in Lucha Underground and AAA in Mexico, but was previously signed to WWE developmental (prior to NXT). He was given a “Wolverine” gimmick (seriously), but injured himself and was let go. From what I’ve read, he also failed a Wellness Test (which may or may not even be accurate). After watching this man flip around and do moves like a man half his size, it’s fair to say that WWE should definitely give “Mr. GMSI” one more shot.

The second guy is Mike Bailey 2“Speedball” Mike Bailey. This guy is tiny and looks like someone even I could beat up…but don’t let his appearances fool you. He’s a martial arts expert and has transferred that and a love for professional wrestling into an incredible in-ring talent that is making crowds pop from PWG in California to Evolve in New York to IWS in Montreal. He’s DEFINITELY somebody you want to watch if he’s wrestling in a promotion near you. Just check out the highlights from his incredible PWG title match against Roderick Strong this past April.

Fear the Walking Dead Fear The Walking Dead seems to be crawling along. I haven’t really read much online since the initial episode debuted, but how that we’re four shows into everything I find it a little weird that we’re not “picking up the pace” a bit. I mean, I don’t need zombies everywhere and I totally understand the rationale behind slowly easing into things, but the last two episodes have seemed a little…boring. I hope the storyline progresses a little faster now that the government seems to be painted as “the bad guy” right now. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

The Dudley Boyz 1– This coming April will be 20 years since my all-time favourite tag team, the Dudley Boyz, began tagging together. It’s so satisfying to see them come back for one last run in WWE, which is essentially their home. Sure, they had a nice little run in TNA, but they need to come home to solidify their Hall of Fame careers and get one more WrestleMania moment. Whether Michael Cole was being genuine in this interview or not, I was really happy to see the Dudleyz smiling and just having fun and speaking candidly about coming back to WWE. Whether they win the tag titles is irrelevant, really. They are still super entertaining and can still work their asses off…so let’s just enjoy this last run and throw up three fingers. All hail the Dudleyz!

Asuka– Japanese wrestling sensation Kana made her NXT debut under the new name of Asuka, doing an “official signing” in-ring segment with William Regal. She was confronted by Emma and Dana Brooke, so that looks to be her first in-ring feud. What’s odd is that they are rushing her to television. My guess is that’s because the current roster of NXT divas isn’t quite as impressive as it was now that three out of the five great performers have been called up to the main roster. If you’d like to see what Asuka brings to the table, just check this out…

the muppets– I grew up watching The Muppet Show back in the 70’s (yes…I’m that old). My wife did, as well. Needless to say, the movie“reboot” of the Muppets a few years ago on the big screen resulted in our kids falling in love with the Muppets, too. So now ABC has a new series that debuted this past week called, appropriately enough, The Muppets. This is a complete reboot of their classic program and is shot like a cross between The Office and Modern Family. After the debut episode this week, I was super happy to see smart comedy and a very fast-pace. This show is smart and has enough adults-only references that the parents will love the show as much as the kids. I can’t wait to see more of this!

Eva 3– I fully realize that NXT is a place for future WWE superstars to develop and get better, but I have issue when they throw people on the program before they are ready. There is no case more apparent right now than with Eva Marie. And yes, I fully realize that the internet is crapping all over her right now in a very unfair manner. Listen…she doesn’t deserve to get shit on by everybody and their dog. That’s not right. On the other hand, though, WWE needs to recognize the fact that NXT has built-up its women’s division (and their entire brand, in general) on having some of the best WRESTLERS developing their skills on television. Admittedly, the talent pool has lessened considerably with only Bayley and Emma really showcasing the same kind of talent that left with Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte. Having said that, though, pushing Eva Marie at this point in her wrestling career is a bad move. I mean, Dana Brooke is green as grass but is still better inside the Eva 1ring than Eva. From top to bottom she looks fake and manufactured, from her fake red hair to her fake tan to her fake-looking lips and boobs. I mean, is there ANYTHING real on her? Regardless, she’s simply not “getting it”. You can see it in the ring. She doesn’t know anything other than the next move she’s scheduled to do. She hasn’t shown any great improvement in her in-ring skills and the fact that she’s being fed to the wolves (i.e. the WWE Universe) on a weekly basis is NOT helping her at all. Is she better now than she was before she trained with Brian Kendrick? Of course. Is she in-ring worthy yet? Or even television worthy??? No…of course not. Not even close. She’s a bad promo, too…so other than her gorgeous (but plastic) looks, she brings NOTHING to the table. Let her go back to modelling because this is a failed experiment that needs to end before WWE sinks even more money into this Titanic. Eva Marie's wrestling ability– If this isn’t the coolest point-after conversion you’ve ever seen, then I would LOVE to see what is. This is awesome…

Def LeppardSong of the Week this week comes from one of my all-time favourite bands, Def Leppard. Believe it or not, they’ve got a new album coming out soon and yes…their first single is fucking great! Trust me…if you were a fan of their Hysteria or Adrenalize records, you’ll love this new single. As a life-long fan who has always loved their music, this song makes me smile from ear to ear. Viva la rock!!


These are mine, but what are YOUR thoughts? Sound off in a comment below or via social media and let me know!


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