NXT: 10-28-15 — Recap & Analysis

NXTI watched RAW but wasn’t inspired to write about it this week. I watched NXT, though, and was immediately inspired. Why? Well…

Emma vs Shazza

Emma & DanaEmma’s new heel persona still isn’t “clicking” yet. She’s got a lot of the elements that it takes to be a heel, but she still seems awkward at times…as if she’s playing a role instead of just BEING the role. The announcers tried to put over her “anger” and being “fired up”, but I didn’t believe…and judging by the lack of reaction by the Full Sail University crowd, neither did they.

ShazzaShazza is from Australia. While serving as enhancement talent for the more established stars, she didn’t appear to bring anything to the ring in terms of personality, gimmick, OR ability. At least she was able to sell better than Eva Marie.

Are they trying to set up a match between Emma and Asuka? On one hand, I hope so because that could be an incredible match. On the other hand, do we really need to see Emma lose another big match? Emma and Dana Brooke are in a good position in NXT, though…Brooke is learning how to wrestle thanks to partnering with Emma, and Emma is probably learning how to improve her heel persona by sticking with Brooke, who is a natural.

James Storm recap

James Storm interviewYes, James Storm’s appearance in NXT took everybody by surprise. Here’s the thing, though…Storm looked like a “normal” wrestling guy inside of the ring. He is a guy that you need to build through personality first, and then let the wrestling shine through. He doesn’t have a great physique, he isn’t big in size, and his wrestling style isn’t one that “wows”.

Thankfully, they showed a quick recap of his debut the previous week and then showed a backstage interview that he gave WWE.com. Interviews are his strength, so he really came across as a character…which is what he debut lacked a bit of. And yes, he used his catchphrase at the end of the segment (“Sorry ‘bout your damn luck!”) so all of the pieces quickly came together in just one segment.

There are a lot of questions about Storm’s future at the moment. He has been given another offer by TNA, but he has done everything there is to do there. I don’t see him coming up to the main WWE roster unless it was in a managerial capacity (or maybe something similar to Xavier Woods’ role with New Day), but from what I’ve read he simply wants to wind down his career (he’s 38) by being a trainer/wrestler with NXT. If that is the case, then he would be a MAJOR score for NXT. He always had the talent to come to WWE, but remained loyal to Dixie & Co. This is the time for him to spread his wings and take a risk.

Here’s the thing…even if he stayed in NXT for a year and the entire experiment failed, Storm could still go back to TNA and be successful. This really is a win-win situation for him and I’m hoping he decides to remain with NXT.

Jordan & Gable vs Gargano & CiampaJason Jordan & Chad Gable vs Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

I’m becoming big-time fans of Jordan & Gable in terms of their in-ring work. I’m still not yet sold on the personality of Jason Jordan, but he’s got some incredible in-ring skills to go along with his size. If he can get the personality to go with everything else then he’s got the chance to be a big splash in both NXT and the WWE main roster.

Jordan & GableWith Chad Gable, you just might have the second coming of Kurt Angle. He’s an amateur standout who has huge personality, charisma, and in-ring talent. I don’t know if I’ve seen a non-wrestler pick up skills as fast since Angle in the mid-90’s. I’m definitely NOT a fan of the whole “Ready, Willing, & Gable” gimmick, but that can easily be changed or updated. The only downside with Gable is his lack of size. Having said that, he’s got so much of the “total package” in all other areas that he can thrive in a tag team or as a fan favourite along the lines of Neville or Evan Bourne.

Gargano & CiampaIn terms of Gargano and Ciampa, I’m a little confused as to their future. I don’t think they’re being brought into NXT as “future superstars” because they are being allowed to wrestle as “themselves”, which will help them tremendously on the independent circuit but isn’t normally allowed if NXT is about to pick you up.

Johnny Gargano is extremely talented inside of the ring. His ability to sell and create believable offense against larger opponents is important to being a complete performer. People gravitate to him because he’s relatable and he can get people to care about him. THAT’S important, too. So while I can see him being a focal point of EVOLVE, I don’t see him reaching NXT full time as anything but enhancement talent (which is NOT a bad thing, by the way).

Tommaso Ciampa is a little bit bigger in terms of his physical size and, having seen him wrestle a number of times in ROH and PWG, knowing how talented of an in-ring performer he is, I’m surprised that NXT hasn’t already picked him up. Again, being able to use his “wrestling name” in NXT is only going to help his bookings and money making ability on the independent scene…so it’s really a win-win for him, especially if he continues to impress WWE brass.

The match itself between all four competitors was better than anything provided on Monday Night RAW this week. All four men were able to wrestle, tell a story, and hit their big moves for pops. The pacing was fantastic and the match ended with a big-time pop from the crowd, who were really into the match at that point. I don’t know who the agent was for the match, but kudos for a job well done.

Bayley Interview

Bayley interviewI feel bad seeing Devin Taylor interviewing Bayley in one of her last appearances before being let go. Having said that, however, I never really enjoyed her interviews. When you look at someone like Renee Young, I guess there really is no comparison. Renee’s interviews seem genuine and real. Her reactions are fantastic because she LOVES the business and knows how she should be acting and reacting. Devin just doesn’t have “it”. She always looked like a robot going through the motions.

And as super talented as Bayley is inside of the ring, I can’t be the first one to mention that her interview and promo skills are less than stellar. There’s a reason that she hasn’t been brought up to the main roster yet. I’m with Triple H in the sense that I don’t get what the fans see in her as a character, but I’m on the bandwagon and along for the ride because she simply resonates with fans who absolutely adore her.

Bayley discussed her feud with Alexa Bliss and tried setting up heat between the two of them. Unfortunately, I just didn’t get the sense that Bayley even cared that much. She really needs to up her game when it comes to promos. She won’t be able to rely on her in-ring skill alone when she hits the main roster.

Eva Marie “Message To Fans”

Eva MarieI’ve got two thoughts on these messages from Eva Marie…

  1. It’s super smart of NXT to jump on the fact that fans absolutely HATE her. These messages are almost like a new version of the Honky Tonk Man’s promos from his heel turn shortly after his debut. She talks about missing the fans and how they must miss her and blah blah blah. It’s brilliant because it helps put her over even more as a hated heel.
  2. It’s ridiculous that she is STILL being pushed because the heel heat is due to her inability to wrestle a damn match. Is she better than a couple of years ago? Of course, she is. Is she still miles away from 90% of the women in the NXT locker room? Your damn straight, she is. I realize that Vince loves her because of her looks, but her lack of personality or promo skill or selling ability or wrestling knowledge is just helping her get eaten up alive by the fans…and NOT in a good way.

This is the age of women who are attractive and can kick-ass. Fans are digging the entire “Diva Revolution” in spite of how they’re being booked on the main roster because the matches have been really, really good. You can’t push the revolution and sign people like Asuka to the roster and expect the momentum to continue with someone like Eva Marie holding everybody back, yet getting a ton of air time.

Make the decision, Hunter…put her with a wrestler on the main roster. She’s eye candy…nothing more.

Kay Lee Ray vs Nia Jax

Kay Lee RayIt’s nice to see all of these new women debut in NXT. It was my first time seeing Kay Lee Ray and I liked that she didn’t just walk down to the ring like most of the other “generic girls” that they throw out there from time to time. I liked her in-ring personality and you could tell that she had some skills, too. To me, Kay Lee Ray has impressed me more than any other “new” NXT woman performer over the past month.

Nia JaxNia Jax, to me, is similar to Dana Brooke in the sense that she’s being pushed way too soon due to her uniqueness and size. Yes, she’s the Rock’s cousin, but she should have to earn her way to the NXT roster. Juding by the two matches I’ve seen thus far, she’s a one-trick pony who is a cheap version of somebody like Awesome Kong or Jessicka Havok. Could she get over as a monster on the main roster? Yeah…it’s possible. But the key to being a monster is developing the ability to sell to the smaller opponents to put them over. She needs a lot of work.

Enzo & Cass vs Dash & DawsonEnzo Amore & “Big Cass” vs Dash & Dawson

EnzoYou can’t get more “over” than Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, and Carmella. As a team, they are beloved by the NXT Universe. Having said that, you can’t argue against the fact that it’s all Enzo. I mean, if Cassady or Carmella were out there by himself trying to get over with just his personality, he’d die a painful death. Enzo Amore is READY for the main roster. He’s a bit small, yeah…but his speaking ability should be able to carry him a VERY long way. People will end up LOVING this guy, but he just needs to be given that opportunity to succeed on his own.

Colin Cassady is a talented big man. Unfortunately, he’s a bit boring at the moment. He needs a gimmick or character at some point to go along with his size and ability. Without Enzo, I think Big Cass would already have been “future endeavored” at this point.

Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson 3I’d dare say that you should expect to see Dash & Dawson on the main roster some time in 2016. These two are legitimate throwbacks and remind me of the insanely awesome combination of Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard. They are being given the opportunity to run with the ball right now and have done a great job so far of being two legitimate bad-asses who don’t need to be massive muscle-heads (i.e. the Ascension) in order to get over and kick ass. I love these two and can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next.

The match never took place, as they “took out” Enzo during his introductions and “injured” Cassady. It was a great angle that really put over the team of Dash & Dawson. The whole thing was very “old school”. I loved it.

Alexa Bliss interview

Alexa Bliss interviewI absolutely love the new Alexa Bliss. The fact that she has the whole package is extremely intriguing to me. She’s got a legitimate gimmick with her character and she lives it (rather than play-acting it like Emma does). Her in-ring skills are on point and in addition to everything else, she’s extremely beautiful. While I don’t think it’s the right time to take the title off of Bayley just yet, I can see two or three fantastic matches between the two of them over the NXT Women’s Championship. If nothing else, this feud with Bayley will “make or break” what happens to Bliss next.

The only thing I don’t like about Bliss is that she looks to the side of the camera when challenging Bayley. I don’t think that’s as much her as it is a WWE-thing because they want to ensure that the scripts are being read properly. I mean, Ryback and Ziggler promo while staring off to the side. I want people to stare at the camera so I can FEEL what they’re trying to say. Maybe it’s old-school in thought, but I think it would deliver a ton of emotion to interviews…especially when there’s a feud.

Finn Bálor and Apollo Crews set-up segments

Balor vs CrewsDuring the show, NXT put together video packages for both Bálor and Crews to set-up their title match next week. This was absolutely fantastic in its simplicity. Not only did they make viewers CARE about the two individuals, but it put over the NXT title as something incredibly important. THIS is what’s lacking on RAW and Smackdown. Matches are thrown together and at the end of the day, even title matches don’t mean that much anymore. These short segments did an incredibly good job of putting over both guys and I can’t wait to see the match next week.

Joe vs BreezeTyler Breeze vs Samoa Joe

Tyler BreezeI was a little surprised to see Tyler Breeze called-up to the main roster as it seemed to come out of nowhere. I’ve been saying for months that he was ready, but I didn’t know for sure if WWE would pull the trigger or not. Then I said that him teaming with Summer Rae would be a perfect fit, and then the next thing you know he’s got the beautiful blonde by his side. Having him feud with Dolph Ziggler is the PERFECT first introduction because if anybody can make Breeze look fantastic, it’s Ziggler.

The storyline with Joe has been ongoing for a couple of weeks and, quite frankly, I was looking forward to seeing Joe kick his ass. This was a really good match (again…better than almost everything else on WWE television this week) and they did the right thing with having Breeze do the job on the way out…or in this case, on the way up.

Samoa JoeSamoa Joe has done a lot of work over the past few months since he initially debuted in NXT. He’s dropped some weight and found a new focus that he didn’t have in TNA. Right now, he looks like he could legitimately be called-up to the main roster, which I didn’t think was possible a few weeks ago. I am definitely looking forward to the eventual Samoa Joe vs Finn Bálor title matches that will take place as I see Joe as a potential NXT champion…legit…even if he isn’t an official, full-time member of the WWE Universe and NXT. I think Joe has done enough to prove that he should be on the roster full-time, and given the same opportunity that Kevin Owens had.

Finn Bálor backstage interview

Finn Balor interviewOne of the biggest drawbacks for Bálor is his promo skills. I think he’s getting better, but he brings so much more to the table that I don’t think he’ll need to promo that much (similarly to Neville). Give him time to grow as a performer and he’ll thrive on the main roster. As it stands now, he’s helping NXT get over as THE promotion to watch.


At the end of the day, anybody who hasn’t seen NXT and doesn’t know what the buzz is about (or why it’s considered a superior overall product to RAW and Smackdown), then they should watch this episode. There is SOOOO much to love with NXT. I’m constantly looking forward to seeing what they can do with the brand next.


The World According to ZAH

– Obviously, the HUGE news this week was the debut of the final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I mean…the anticipation for the movie is off the charts. Every single preview I’ve seen for this movie looks awesome. I cannot wait for this movie to debut. The countdown is on!

– Oh…and the final poster came out, too. LOVE this! The Force Awakens movie poster

Justin Trudeau– The second massive story (coming out of Canada, at least) was the election of a new prime minister in Justin Trudeau. The insanity surrounding his election hasn’t been about politics, but rather about the fact that he’s a ridiculously good looking individual. In fact, at one point this week #PMILF was trending in Canada. It got to the point that a t-shirt was generated and is currently being sold online. The world can sometimes be a very strange place. PMILF– And if you want a little bit more information on Canada’s election (and really…why wouldn’t you?), then definitely check out this hilarious video from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. This is truly fucking brilliant:

– With John Cena taking a couple of months off and Randy Orton out injured, there has been talk that WWE plans on pushing Dolph Ziggler and Ryback as top babyfaces. I find this very odd. That’s not to say that someone like Ziggler isn’t worth pushing, because he totally is. But there are three very big points to keep in mind:

  1. Dolph Ziggler 1After all of the start/stop pushes over the years for Dolph Ziggler, why would WWE want to put all of their faith in his ability to be a top babyface now? If anything, the guy seems poised for a heel turn…especially with his recent character development on Total Divas. As much as I love his in-ring work, I just don’t know if he’s the man to carry WWE babyfaces into 2016.
  2. RybackRyback ISN’T over. I say it repeatedly because I continue to hear mainly apathy from the live audiences whenever he’s on television. Yes, they chant “feed me more” but that’s all they do. When he “rescues” somebody or runs in to attack a heel like Kevin Owens, the crowd barely pops at all. He’s constantly screaming for the crowds to react and they rarely do. I get that Vince wants a big, muscle-bound freak to be the next superstar…but I simply can’t be alone in believing that Ryback ISN’T that guy. His Intercontinental title reign was a fail (it didn’t help him get over) and his feats of strength don’t seem to help much, either. His gimmick and his character is inherently unlikeable, so you gotta wonder why WWE continues to feed a repeated fumbler the ball.
  3. Dean Ambrose & Roman ReignsWhat about Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose? I realize that they’re a lot more inexperienced in comparison to Ryback and Ziggler, but they’ve got a lot more potential to get over on a go-forward basis. I know that there are still a lot of Reigns haters out there, but he’s worked his ass off to get over and it seems to be working with the live crowds. And Ambrose? He’s a guy that seems to get over in spite of WWE booking.

– I’m not the biggest video game player in the world, but I do enjoy watching an excellently made MOD creation from time to time. This one is absolutely brilliant: The Incredible Hulk laying waste to EVERYTHING in GTA V. The violence and blood is brutal but it’s entertaining as hell. Just check it out for yourself…

Tyler Breeze 5– I’ve been saying for months that Tyler Breeze was ready for the main roster. Last night on Smackdown, WWE agreed and threw him into an immediate program with Dolph Ziggler and has him partnered with Summer Rae (which I actually suggested before the Smackdown tapings took place). I love the storyline and can’t wait to see what they do with him. The key to his success was showcased last night, as he wasn’t put over as a “joke model” guy, but rather a “model with a temper”. I think the only way for him to get over as a legitimate upper midcard heel (due to his smaller size) is for him to continue displaying an aggressive mean streak. Ultimately, that will be the only way for him to get over as a legitimate threat to some of the bigger babyfaces on the roster (even the relatively small Ziggler and Summer are taller than Breeze). The fear, obviously, is that he’ll eventually fall down the card to end up hangin’ out with the likes of Fandango…but I think he’s talented enough to make an impact. Tyler Breeze & Summer Rae– I’ve only been to an IHoP once or twice in my lifetime, but I gotta say that I’m a fan of their social media account manager. Sure…people are pissed at how offensive a couple of their tweets have been, but c’mon…why does this world need to be so damn politically correct ALL of the time? Just check these out and decide for yourselves… IHOP 1Stone Cold Podcast– I love Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar, but you gotta admit that their podcast interview after RAW on Monday was a cluster. I realize that Austin wants to make his podcasts feel like conversations instead of interviews, but he appeared to be unprepared and unready for a conversation. I didn’t really learn a lot from the podcast (y’know…unless I was a reader of Teen Beat and wanted to know what kind of music or food that Lesnar likes the most). I’ve enjoyed his other podcasts, but seemed to not want to push any buttons on Monday.

Back to the Future trilogy– What were YOU doing on October 21st, 2015? I was re-watching Back to the Future for the hundredth time. This is, arguably, as close to a perfect movie as you can find. And for those of you unaware (though if you are I don’t know if we can be friends), when Marty travels to the future in Back to the Future II the date he arrives is October 21st, 2015. The big joke is that if you believe the movie, we were all supposed to dress like this on Wednesday:

BTTF Song of the Week is a reference to one of the greatest movies of all time (noted above). It’s a song that was released on Wednesday to go with “Back to the Future Day”. I love this guy…he’s from Norway and loves to turn pop songs into metal songs, and this one is the Huey Lewis & The News classic theme to the movie, The Power of Love. Enjoy!


What are YOUR thoughts? Sound off in a comment below or via social media and let me know!


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Throwback Thursday – Stan Hansen & Ted DiBiase vs the British Bulldogs

Hansen & DiBiase vs BulldogsI love going back in time and finding classic matches between superstars that I never knew had faced each other. Sometimes I find them on the WWE Network, but you can also find a ton of great stuff on YouTube. One of the more intriguing finds is some of the unique match-ups that took place in Japan.

British Bulldogs 1This match, I believe, takes place early in 1985…prior to the British Bulldogs dominating the tag team division over the next few years in WWE. After wrestling each other numerous times between 1978 and 1983, Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid decided to become a tag team and jumped to All Japan from New Japan in 1984. It was here that they caught the attention of WWE and, once Stampede Wrestling was purchased by WWE, they were actually able to wrestle in BOTH companies before WWE acquired full rights to the team and they left Japan.

Stan Hansen & Ted DiBiaseAt the time, two of the baddest men on the planet were Stan Hansen (just prior to his winning the AWA World Heavyweight championship) and Ted DiBiase (the user of the “loaded black glove” and a huge star in Mid-South). Together, Hansen and DiBiase (chosen by Hansen after his former partner, Bruiser Brody, jumped from All Japan to New Japan) were All Japan’s PWF tag team champions for TWO YEARS…dominating everybody in their path.  

I wouldn’t call this a “classic” match-up, but it’s certainly intriguing considering the participants involved. Enjoy this week’s Throwback Thursday!

Woman Crush Wednesday – Janice Griffith

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is…..

Janice Griffith!!!

Janice GriffithJanice Griffith is an adult film actress who entered the industry in 2013 at the age of 18. She is probably most famous for being “that porn star” who was thrown off of a roof by millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian during a photoshoot for Hustler (video here). She is one of the most stunning young performers in the industry today and can be found on Twitter here and Instagram here. You can click the picture below for a larger look at this beauty.

Janice Griffith

Who Will Be John Cena’s Mystery Opponent at Hell In A Cell?

Cena Open ChallengeJohn Cena US open challengeIt was officially announced this past Monday night on RAW that at on Sunday night, John Cena will defend his United States title in another U.S. Open Challenge. For months (with the exception of a short period where Seth Rollins had the title), Cena has defended his title against all challengers. Many would argue (myself included), that this has resulted in some of the best in-ring performances of Cena’s entire career.

John CenaFor the past few weeks, though, JBL has noted consistently that Cena’s luck is bound to run out. As it stands, Cena has requested some time off after Hell in a Cell (6-8 weeks, in fact). For a man that has carried the company on his back for over a decade, I think some legitimate time off is the LEAST the company can do for him.

Super Cena 3So if you put 2 and 2 together, you’ve probably got yourself a brand new United States champion. But the big question is who will get the rub from Cena? What opponent will be “the one” to challenge live on the WWE Network in a very important PPV event?

Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities…

Heath Slater

Heath Slater 1Heath SlaterFor a very long time now, many WWE performers have given very high praise for the in-ring talents of one Mr. Slater. The problem, as one might imagine, is that (a) he doesn’t have “the look” that Vince normally looks for in a superstar, (b) he doesn’t really have that great of a gimmick, and (c) he’s been buried pretty much his entire WWE career thus far. A great bonus going for Slater is that he’s got a ton of charisma and personality, so if he’s truly given the ball to carry he just might score a touchdown. I think it’s safe to say that he’s the Internet’s choice, especially where it’s been teased already…

Seriously…I truly believe that this guy could be huge if WWE gave him the right opportunity.

Big Show

Big ShowBig Show vs LesnarI know…what a terribly disappointing option, right? But here’s the thing…these “surprises” rarely turn into something fantastic. The Internet normally goes incredibly nuts insane predictions and over-the-top choices, thus they end up getting incredibly disappointed in who WWE ends up delivering. Here’s the deal…with Show’s career winding down, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him somehow defeat Cena and “take him out”, giving him a final upper-midcard run and also giving Cena a storyline reason for being gone 6-8 weeks. Is it a great option? No…but they’ve had history before and Show could use the rub after getting decimated recently by Brock Lesnar.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel BryanDaniel Bryan 2It’s possible…though not really probable…that Bryan has finally been given the “all clear” by WWE doctors and the company has just been waiting for the right time to bring him back. Having him cleanly beat Cena would be the perfect way to re-introduce him to the WWE Universe while still giving everyone a realistic opponent who could legitimately pin The Face That Runs The Place without people raising eyebrows. I really don’t think this is a realistic option because I think there are a lot of people keen on having Bryan return, so if WWE doctors gave him the green light the story would probably be out by now. Still…we can dream, right?

The Miz

The MizThe MizWe haven’t seen Miz since that whole failed Big Show/Miz/Ryback feud took place. I think WWE truly dropped the ball by not having Miz sneak out the victory and go for another Intercontinental title reign. I doubt you’ll find another WWE performer who works as hard to reinvent himself and improve himself in all aspects than Miz. I don’t know if he’s out filming another movie or just enjoying life being married to Maryse, but with past history with Cena playing a part, this option is as realistic as any. And really, there aren’t too many performers in WWE who are as hated as Miz, so at least Cena could get some cheers during the match.


Cosmic Wasteland 1The Cosmic Wasteland 2I don’t really like this idea, but if WWE wants to run with “The Cosmic Wasteland” gimmick using Stardust and The Ascension, then this would be a great way to do it. Having one of the two Road Warrior wannabe’s interfere and cost Cena the victory would make sense from a storyline perspective and give Cena “an out” for losing. Everybody knows just how entertaining and talented Cody Rhodes is, but for whatever reason he just hasn’t been able to break through as a main event talent. If they actually had this threesome become a powerful faction like the Wyatt’s or the Shield, then this would be the perfect way to jump-start their program.

Some repackaged lower midcard player.

WWE_US_Champions Contenders - currentFandangoJack SwaggerDamien SandowCurtis AxelBo DallasTitus O’NeilAdam Rose…just a few of the lower midcard performers who have enough ability to be pushed higher on the card, but need a repackage somehow. Here’s the problem with this suggestion, though…with the exception of Fandango and O’Neil, most of these guys have already had more than one failed gimmick. Some of them have even been given big-time pushes (Swagger, Axel) but they failed to connect due to various reasons (personality and charisma, primarily). So while I like the idea of giving somebody like Fandango a completely new gimmick and a new push, I doubt they would do this out of the blue without at least testing out the gimmick first.

A returning former WWE Superstar

WWE_US_Champions ContendersThere have been rumours of WWE dropping the Los Matadores gimmick and bringing back Carlito to create a faction with his brothers, Primo & Epico. The Colons could truly cause issues for Cena in a match and there is precedence of Carlito having beaten Cena for the U.S. title previously. But there are definitely other possible names to consider, such as Batista (even if it’s short-term before he goes back to working on the follow-up to Guardians of the Galaxy), Jeff Hardy (who is a former WWE champion, which most people easily forget), Alberto Del Rio, Chris Masters, Drew McIntyre, John Morrison, MVP, Rob Van Dam…the list goes on and on. When you think about it, there are a lot of names out there that could generate buzz leading into WrestleMania.

Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze 1Tyler Breeze 2This is my pick for Sunday, which probably means it won’t happen. Listen…I’ve been saying for months now that Breeze is READY. He’s been ready for a very long time. The only thing really holding him back was his smaller size. He has the in-ring skills, the look, the charisma, and the gimmick. With the exception of being “Cena-esque” with his physique, Breeze truly is the total package in most other areas when it comes to sports entertainment. I’ve read that he was going to debut on television this week on Smackdown, but if I were WWE I would hold off until Sunday night. Package Breeze with somebody like Summer Rae and you’ve got a killer 1-2 combination that can run with the U.S. title and win matches with outside interference/cheating (i.e. Summer). Sure, I’m fantasy booking my ass off with this one, but if you’re going to bring him up to the main roster anyway, then why not do it in a memorable way? It worked for Kevin Owens…


Obviously, these are just my predictions and guesses. But what are YOUR thoughts? Sound off in a comment below or via social media and let me know!


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