Throwback Thursday – Kerry Von Erich vs Sid Vicious

One of the fun things about the WWE Network or, to a lesser extent, YouTube is the ability to find wrestling matches between individuals that you had no idea ever cross paths with. Sometimes they’re dream match-ups, sometimes they’re just really intriguing match-ups.

Kerry Von Erich vs Sid ViciousIn this case, I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call Kerry Von Erich vs Sid Vicious as any kind of “dream match-up”, but it is certainly intriguing. This match took place in 1988 in World Class Championship Wrestling, based out of Texas. At the time, the AWA had allowed WCCW and Continental wrestling to all recognize one champion (who at the time was Jerry Lawler) while still promoting their individual champions. Von Erich was the Texas Champion and Vicious was the Continental Champion…so this match-up being put on television should have been a HUGE deal, but it really wasn’t.

Kerry Von ErichHaving said that, never for a second think that Kerry Von Erich wasn’t THE most over performer in all of Texas during the 1980’s. He was a former NWA heavyweight champion (having beaten Ric Flair) and had already staked his claim for the AWA heavyweight championship. I mean, at one point three Von Erich brothers went to a local Six Flags and they had to shut down the park because of the crowds of screaming fans that followed them around. Can you imagine??

Sid ViciousThis was a brief stop for Sid Vicious before he signed with WCW in 1989. He had previously had the Lord Humongous gimmick in Memphis and at this point in his very short career had already wrestled the likes of Jerry Lawler, Nick Bockwinkel, Dutch Mantell, and even Tatsumi Fujinami (three of them eventual WWE Hall of Famers, for the record).

So while this is FAR from a 5-star classic, it’s interesting to see how Von Erich made Vicious look during the match. It’s also interesting to see the finish and know that there was never a conclusion or follow-up in-ring pay-off.

Enjoy your Throwback Thursday video treat this week: Kerry Von Erich vs Sid Vicious.


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