RAW Thoughts

New Day memeI don’t even care that they didn’t really have much to say or do…any RAW that starts off with New Day instead of The Authority is a positive in my book.

As much as I love New Day, even they couldn’t make Sheamus entertaining in a “main event” type of way. I mean, he looks and sounds like a mid-card guy and it’s impossible to take him seriously as WWE World Heavyweight Champion when he’s acting like a goof.

The Authority talks to Roman ReignsThe immediate reaction I had when The Authority said that Roman Reigns had to beat Sheamus in under 5:15 to win the championship in their match was…YEAH? AND???  I mean Sheamus is a borderline jobber, for chrissakes. Realistically speaking, Reigns should definitely be able to beat him in five minutes. And THAT, my friends, is the problem with Sheamus being champ. Again…I know that The Authority will cost him the title and Triple H is already working out in preparation for their impending match, but I just don’t understand the end-game here.

Tyler Breeze 4Goddamn I love Tyler Breeze. I’m so happy he’s finally out of NXT and given a chance to shine on the main roster. And Summer Rae looks absolutely STUNNING as his eye candy (you can see more of her HERE). I would love to see her take on a more active role, though, and helping Breeze win his matches…but that will hopefully happen in due time, because at this point they are booking Breeze the same way they did in NXT: as a jobber who makes other people look good. I mean, c’mon…he’s a new star with a great gimmick. Shouldn’t he be winning some fucking matches at this point? Isn’t that how you CREATE new stars???? FFS…

Rusev & Lana 1Goddamn I love Rusev. Even without Lana by his side, I truly believe that Rusev would be able to have a run on top as WWE champion. I mean, his dominance throughout his United States title reign was impressive as hell. And if it wasn’t for John Cena completely stifling his momentum, he may have very well be in the title picture today. In terms of Lana, even with her ridiculously heavy make-up she’s still undeniably spectacular in both her attractiveness and her charisma on the mic. The fact that one promo turned the crowd against Lana (even briefly) speaks to what they can do as a “power couple” within WWE. I love these two together and can’t wait to see what they do with them leading up to WrestleMania.

MizTVAnd Miz? As much as I hate his character and (at least from his appearances on UpUpDownDown) him as a person, I give all the credit in the world to him for working his ass off and being entertaining. Most of the time, he improves anything that he is involved in…as much as it might pain me to admit that. People can think that he “sucks” in the ring all day long (I’m actually one of those people, for the record), but his ability to entertain overshadows his in-ring skills by a mile…which is why he is still a major part of the company even if he’s not in the title picture.

RybackOnce again, WWE has tried to get Ryback the “big babyface pop” by interrupting the hated heel…and once again, the crowd has reacted with mild amusement and ambivalence. And the reaction to his win? Yeah…it’s par for the course. I know they need more babyfaces, but Ryback really is better suited to be a killer heel.

Dudleyz & Tommy DreamerAs much as I’m surprised to see the Wyatt Family put into a feud with the Dudley Boyz, it makes perfect sense when you think about it. The Wyatt Family needs a higher profile feud to WIN after losing so many times in the past year. The Dudleyz don’t need a victory because they’re not the future of the company. They’re already “made” with fans, so if they lose it’s not a big deal.

After seeing Tommy Dreamer in a number of independent matches over the past couple of years, he actually looked a lot better on RAW than he did in any other those matches. He looked heathy and maybe it’s the haircut, but he didn’t look nearly as old as he has. It was nice to see him get a match on TV.

The whole “Mex-America” deal isn’t really working right now. I think Zeb needs another person in the stable to make the idea work. At this point, it’s probably hurt Alberto Del Rio more than it’s helping him.

Lucha Dragons 6Why in the world are they booking the Lucha Dragons against the Usos on RAW? This, to me, was a potential PPV-quality match-up between two teams that could have been a PPV highlight and was thrown out on free television with zero build. The DQ finish didn’t help the match at all because as entertaining as New Day was on commentary, they completely took away from the match itself. Give these The Usos 1four men time to work and hit spots in a 15 minute match and they’ll give you something fantastic that gets the crowd popping. We didn’t need a triple threat match for TLC, this feud could have totally been extended to Royal Rumble. But trying to make create a feud and storyline that makes money seems too difficult for WWE lately.

Any time New Day can get join “the gang” on commentary and make fun of Michael Cole is a good time.

Congratulations WWE…you found a way to take away the swagger of Sasha Banks by having her do that stupid “UNITYYYYY!” bit with Team B.A.D. members Naomi & Tamina. Is that their catchphrase now? Ugh…so groan-inducingly bad.

Becky Lynch vs CharlotteHere’s the thing…people WANT to cheer Banks. They WANT to boo the Bellas. Yet WWE continues to try and tell the WWE Universe what they want. One week the Bellas are cheating to win a match against Becky Lynch or Charlotte, the next they are expected to be the sympathetic babyfaces. Out of the blue, Lynch wants to wrestle her best friend Charlotte “just for fun”. People have no way of knowing who to cheer and who to boo. This ridiculous booking of the women has turned them into a joke…again.

I enjoyed the 5:15 story between Sheamus and Reigns, but I was surprised to see Alberto Del Rio join The League of Nations. Having said that, I absolutely LOVE the faction. It’s a great way to do something with Del Rio and (hopefully) something great with King Barrett. It also sets up 4-on-4 match combinations between The League and Reigns, Ambrose, & the Usos. Suddenly, this becomes a win-win situation. It’s something new and different and fresh, which is what they should have done a couple of weeks ago at Survivor Series. Better late than never, I guess.

I cannot tell you just how loud I popped when Charlotte used an “injured leg” and interference from her father to roll-up and pin Becky Lynch. I mean…Charlotte is a natural heel and it only makes sense to use her in that way. They’ve tried to put her over as a crowd favourite, but poor booking (both inside of the ring and out) has resulted in people booing her. So this was an incredibly entertaining way to put Charlotte over. LOVED this!!

Having New Day join the League of Nations was not only entertaining, but it made sense from a storyline standpoint. I like how New Day can switch from silly to serious from one segment to another. It just makes them more versatile as a group. League of Nations & New Day 1

On a side note, I would love to see a heel Kofi singles run at some point. He’s really been invigorated with this change in gimmick and I’m constantly entertained by the guy.

Final question…where was Kevin Owens last night? They mentioned him because Dean Ambrose almost had his Intercontinental championship match negated due to the Roman Reigns match, so it’s not like they forgot about him completely. I mean, the dude’s from Canada…couldn’t he have been in the League of Nations, too? Just a question…I missed seeing him last night as he’s a weekly highlight for me.


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