The World According to ZAH: 11-06-15

Soooo much going on in the world. So few opportunities to write about them all with you getting extremely bored…

Seth Rollins injuredSeth Rollins injured his knee at a show in Dublin, Ireland during a match with Kane. He knew his knee was hurt right away, but he finished the match like a true professional (and a muthafuckin’ boss).

Survivor Series tournamentUnfortunately, he ended up with a torn right ACL, MCL and medial meniscus. This brutal injury will keep Rollins out of action for 6-9 months (removing him from the WrestleMania equation), which has resulted in WWE announcing a tournament to take place at Survivor Series where a new WWE champion will be crowned.

Seth Rollins 1What I hate about this is that Rollins is the best thing going in WWE right now. He’s a true superstar who will be the face of the company for years to come (no, not Roman Reigns…sorry). This halts an incredibly entertaining initial title reign (one of many in the years to come, I’m sure) prematurely and leaves WWE without a lot of star power as John Cena, Randy Orton, Rusev, & Brock Lesnar are considered to be “off the radar” over the next couple of months.

ZAH ThoughtsWhile I’ll be writing a column about potential new WWE champions on Monday for Canadian Bulldog’s World, the potential list of who can carry the company over the coming months and into WrestleMania is not a big list. The potential Triple H vs Seth Rollins match is completely off the table now, so other plans for the WWE title or the main event match at Mania will either have to be changed around or the timetable pushed up.

Sheamus 1What I love about this, however, is that this really forces WWE to make some tough choices and, hopefully, take some chances. As I’m sure any current WWE fan will attest, there are quite a few superstars who are currently not getting the push that they probably deserve. If older stars like Sheamus, Big Show, Kane, and John Cena are thrown back into the main event title mix, that would hopefully leave room for newer stars like Neville, Cesaro, and Heath Slater to get on a roll and start doing something in the upper midcard title picture.

The next couple of weeks are going to be extremely interesting for WWE.


Within the past couple of hours, there was a new international trailer released for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This new trailer includes a lot of scenes not appearing in the previous trailers. Don’t know if it will remain on YouTube for long or not…so have at ‘er!!!

Cesaro 1– As previously noted, Cesaro is someone who deserves a legitimate push without all the “start/stop” nonsense that WWE Creative is used to. I truly believe that he is really trying to be more personable and charismatic in the ring lately. He’s trying to interact with the crowds more and his in-ring performances have gotten the fans excited to see him. I have totally appreciated his efforts with this. Does this mean he’s deserving of being the next top superstar? No…I think his lack of promo ability hurts his chances of being a “top guy”. But I do believe that he’s 100% deserving of a solid upper midcard position as IC or US champion (along with, y’know actually winning matches). Cesaro should definitely be rewarded for his recent efforts.

– I have to admit, I wasn’t overly excited about the new Quentin Tarantino movie coming out. I should have known, though, that he rarely disappoints me when it comes to his films. At this point, I think the only movie of his I haven’t seen yet is Django Unchained. After seeing this trailer, I think I might give that movie a shot because The Hateful Eight looks pretty damn good…

The Cosmic Wasteland 1Stardust & the Ascension could end up being an extremely entertaining trio, if given the right push. Stardust used a periscope to watch Cesaro perform on Monday Night RAW (not the app, but an actual periscope)…which just goes to show how bloody entertaining he and his character/gimmick can be if used properly. On one hand I feel bad for The Ascension and how they’ve been booked since their debut on the main roster. On the other hand, I don’t really think they are really that good inside the ring, if I’m being completely honest. But if they can be used as Stardust’s lackeys, then this could be the second coming of the Three Man Band…and I mean that in a good way.

Becky Lynch 1Becky Lynch is going to be a HUGE Diva superstar in due time. Her personality and charisma are off the charts (as is her beauty). And something that WWE is already starting to utilize is her promo ability, which at this point are totally spot-on. She’s one of the few Divas that can have a REAL personality and character, so as long as they continue to use her in a very similar way that accentuates her positives, she could be the next breakout Diva to go mainstream.

– The new teaser trailer was released this week for the follow-up to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t really scream out “awesome” to me. The first movie was extremely unique and original and fun, and while the sequel has a lot of the same attributes, it doesn’t look quite as good. Take a look for yourself.

Tyler Breeze & Summer Rae 2– I’ve been saying for months that Tyler Breeze was ready for the main roster. Recently on Smackdown, WWE agreed and threw him into an immediate program with Dolph Ziggler and has him partnered with Summer Rae (which I actually suggested before the Smackdown tapings took place). I love the storyline and can’t wait to see what they do with him. The key to his success was showcased last night, as he wasn’t put over as a “joke model” guy, but rather a “model with a temper”. I Tyler Breeze & Summer Rae 1think the only way for him to get over as a legitimate upper midcard heel (due to his smaller size) is for him to continue displaying an aggressive mean streak. Ultimately, that will be the only way for him to get over as a legitimate threat to some of the bigger babyfaces on the roster (even the relatively small Ziggler and Summer Rae are taller than Breeze). The fear, obviously, is that he’ll eventually fall down the card to end up hangin’ out with the likes of Fandango…but I think he’s talented enough to make an impact.

Lucha Dragons 1– I’ve been waiting patiently for WWE to push the Lucha Dragons as a legitimate babyface tag team. Thankfully, that looks like it may be happening after their big win over King Barrett & Sheamus on RAW.  Of course, they were then destroyed by the Wyatt Family on Smackdown…so who the hell knows what the situation will be with them? But on Monday, at least, the crowd popped huge for their victory on Monday and they seemed to be into the team for the majority of the match. After seeing them perform at a live event with my son, I know just how popular they are and how over they can be as long as they are (as mentioned previously) booked the right way.

Alberto Del Rio 1– I don’t know if I’m yet truly buying into the whole “Mex-America” gimmick with Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio, but with Zeb’s promo skills and Del Rio’s ability I see big things for the two of them. I don’t know if a faction is in the works or not, but there’s certainly potential. My only hope is that Zeb is okay and not pushing himself too hard. The downside to Zeb is that him being on the scooter makes him a sympathetic character, and that’s the complete opposite of what WWE wants him to be. I’m really hoping that he’ll be able to get up and walk around soon. If he can’t, then I wonder if he should be thrown into this particular gimmick.

Alberto Del Rio 2While I’ve never been the biggest fan of Del Rio, I’m LOVING his aggressive character. He was always an aggressive heel, sure, but he really seems more angry and passionate about what he’s doing right now. On top of that, but I’ve seen three different finishers by Del Rio since he returned, showing his diversity inside the ring and the ability to beat anyone at any time with anything. He’s in unbelievable condition and I can see him battling for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series…perhaps even becoming champion one more time.

– I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Deadpool movie, as it appears to be everything a Deadpool movie is supposed to be. Having said that, this little teaser from last weekend on how Deadpool spent his Halloween is just a little reminder on how awesome the movie may be…

– If you caught the new behind-the-scenes WWE Network program Breaking Ground after RAW this week, then you saw an incredible show. My ONLY complaint is that it’s just not long enough at 30 minutes. I love that they focused on the NXT newbies in this episode and I’m really looking forward to seeing them focus on some of the NXT superstars in the next episode.

Trump– I honestly do not understand how Donald Trump is leading ANY poll in America. I don’t even care what party you vote for…this man is a joke. I cannot fathom how much of a downfall America will spiral into if Trump actually becomes president. Of course, it’s not like the Republicans seem to have a ton of other choices at this point…like ANOTHER fuckin’ Bush family member. Thankfully somebody like Stephen Colbert can make fun of both of them equally.

The New Day 2I cannot stand how much I popped for the return of Xavier Woods to The New Day this week. Good lord…I just love these guys so hard that it’s actually embarrassing. And really…as much as I’d love to see Woods get more in-ring opportunities that aren’t strictly humor-based, his elimination from the match was perfect for his gimmick and character. Loved it.

Kingsman– I absolutely CANNOT believe that I waited until this week to actually watch Kingsman: The Secret Service. I had heard good things about it, but didn’t think that the movie looked nearly as good as the buzz was. Thankfully, I was 100% wrong because this movie is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best movies of 2015. The church scene alone was fucking unreal and worth the price of the blu-ray. WATCH THIS MOVIE.

the_walking_dead_– Last week’s 90-minute episode of The Walking Dead was one of the most gripping dramatic television shows I’ve ever seen. I really hope the episode is nominated for an Emmy because it absolutely deserves to be recognized for how incredible it was. This is a case where the show wasn’t simply “a show about zombies”, but a show about drama and people and stories that make you care about what you’re watching. If only wrestling could find a way to do something half as good.

Steel Panther 1Song of the Week comes from a band I just highlighted a few weeks ago, Steel Panther. I’m set to see them in concert and break my Panther cherry next Thursday. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about going…and I’m a grown-ass man. I’ll talk more about them next week, but in the meantime enjoy their killer video for Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World


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