Throwback Thursday – Stone Cold vs Taker BEFORE WWE

Throwback Thursday - UndertakerAfter celebrating “25 Years of the Undertaker” last weekend at Survivor Series, I thought it would be interesting to see some extremely old-school footage of him before taking on the “Dead Man” gimmick.

Mark Calaway debuted in World Class Championship Wrestling way back in 1984 under a mask as Texas Red. This is a classic match with Texas Red (with Percy Pringle…aka Paul Bearer) taking on the incredible Bruiser Brody.

Five years later, after working in WCCW and Continental (among other territories), he moved on to Memphis to join the USWA with Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Colter) as his manager. His gimmick was called The Master of Pain, which was a character who was fresh out of the Atlanta State Penitentiary after serving five years (much in solitary confinement) for killing two men in a fight. Riiiiiight…

During this time, he also worked as The Punisher. He met up with a newcomer named “Stunning” Steve Austin.

In 1990, WCW came calling and he debuted there as “Mean” Mark Callous, who was the master of the heart punch. While he eventually teamed with “Dangerous” Dan Spivey as The Skyscrapers (with Teddy Long as their manager), he initially started off as a singles wrestler with Paul E. Dangerously as his manager. So yes…The Undertaker was actually a Paul Heyman Guy.

Once he debuted in WWE as “Kane the Undertaker“, the rest became history and Calaway became one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the business.


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