RAW Thoughts

I’ve read that WWE Creative has been taken to task over the past week and that we should expect to see some new and exciting storylines in the coming weeks. I can only imagine how things will start tonight.

Dudleys WWE TNA

16 man elimination tag matchListen, I’m all about trying something new and I’m also a fan of groups and/or factions…especially when they’re done organically and with purpose. But last night’s show kicked off with the League of Nations (which I think has potential over the long haul), the Wyatt Family (which only has two legitimate superstars out of the four members), “Team Extreme” (c’mon…do we REALLY need another revival of ECW after 15 years??), and “Roman & Friends” getting together in a Fatal Clusterfuck Fourway. It was just thrown together and meant to pop a rating with the number of superstars in the ring at the same time wrestling each other.


The opening match reeked of desperation, even though it involved two different feuds going into TLC this Sunday. I mean, really…a 16-man match? It’s like writers threw shit against the wall and Vince said it was a great idea so they went ahead. At this point, I have zero desire to watch Sheamus defend his title against Roman Reigns because they haven’t built-up the match that much other than Sheamus having a t-shirt to wear. Yes, Reigns pinned Sheamus to win the match, but that usually means that Sheamus will end up walking out of TLC this Sunday still champion. WWE is very predictable this way…and they wonder why fans stop watching.

I don’t know why they are doing a Stardust vs Titus O’Neil feud, but hey…it’s new and different and something for two guys in the mid-card. People complain about how WWE doesn’t really do much for the “non-stars”, but hey…at least this is a storyline for two guys Creative has nothing for. It might be silly and dumb and something most don’t care about, but you can’t say WWE isn’t at least giving them SOMETHING to do.

Tyler Breeze & Summer Rae 1I can’t say enough good things about the pairing of Tyler Breeze & Summer Rae. They are perfect for each other and I see a TON of potential with them if WWE uses them properly. I mean, how many wrestler/valet combos did we have during the 1980’s that were extremely successful? Breeze has already proven that he can wrestle, he can promo, and he’s got a great gimmick. Let Summer give him the occasional “helping hand” to win matches against top babyfaces and you’ve created a new heel superstar! It’s not rocket science.

Ambrose watches Owens vs ZigglerI’m all about putting a Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens match on RAW. The problem I have is that I know 100% that Owens isn’t going to lose to Ziggler because he’s scheduled to defend the IC belt on Sunday in a separate storyline. The match, as you would expect, was excellent. Owens kicked the snot out of Ziggler and Ziggler almost pulled off the win in the end. But ultimately, Ziggler was a side-note and Dean Ambrose waltzed his way to ringside to “promote” his match against Owens at TLC for the IC title. I mean, Ambrose throwing popcorn and soda on Owens is suddenly going to “create” interest in their match?? No, because Ambrose is heavily involved in a completely different storyline right now with Roman Reigns & the League of Nations.

I can’t even begin to tell you how ridiculously annoying this “UNITY!!!” nonsense is with Team B.A.D. Why in the blue hell are they messing with what worked in NXT?? Nobody cares about Naomi…they care about Sasha Banks. WWE is trying to push them as a unit and people are NOT going to react kindly. I mean, I totally get that they gave the pinfall to Naomi in an attempt to get her over, but I know I’m not alone in thinking that it simply won’t work.

And why in the fuck are Team Bella booked as babyfaces this week?  #CONTINUITY

New Day 1One of the few matches I’m really looking forward to at TLC on Sunday is the tag team title match. Given enough time, the New Day vs Usos vs Lucha Dragons ladder match could steal the show. It’s really all a matter of how they’re being booked, because New Day has done everything they could to pump the match up with their promos. Out of everything on the show last night, I think they really set-up the tag match best.

I’m completely baffled by the Miz TV segment from last night. BAFFLED.

Rusev & Lana 3I’m all about Rusev & Lana being back together and Lana being heel again. I have ZERO issue with that because I loved them both as heels. I’m not sure if kissing every two seconds is going to make people boo them more or not. Perhaps…but if this new “kissing couple” gimmick helps get Rusev motivated during matches to turn it up a notch and crush people? I’m all for it. I’m also all for Rusev defeating Ryback at the PPV. To me, Rusev is the performer that deserves the push, not Ryback. I’m sure I’m wrong, though.

Alberto Del Rio 1So now Alberto Del Rio‘s alliance with Zeb Colter is over. I mean, it wasn’t working so I guess you might as well get out now…but it just seemed so odd to begin with. Within one week…there was ZERO talk about Mex-America and ZERO talk about what brought them together in the first place. Do I want to see Colter back with Jack Swagger? Hey…it certainly can’t hurt HIS mid-card placement. And let’s be honest…Del Rio doesn’t need anybody to help him at this point. The split just seemed forced…but again, I guess it’s all good at the end of the day.

Roman Reigns 2Nothing else on the show really had me even remotely interested. The Roman Reigns vs Sheamus segment at the end of the show dragged on way too long before the fight finally took place. Even then…I wasn’t overly excited about everything. I mean, props to Reigns for getting “tator tots” over as a chant…but the ONLY way I believe that Sheamus can beat Reigns is if his partners in the League of Nations helps him win. So for me, Reigns should have destroyed Sheamus and then gotten jumped by Barrett, Rusev, and Del Rio. THEN maybe I’d feel as though Sheamus could beat Reigns. I just don’t buy the booking of this angle at all, nor do I buy Sheamus as WWE champion…at all.

To me, last night was yet another lackluster show and a poor way to “go home” to this weekend’s TLC event. I don’t know what WWE needs to do specifically, but I don’t know how much more I can continue this “paint-by-numbers” approach to their program. If they don’t care enough to do something interesting with the product, then why should I care?


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