WWE TLC 2015 – Predictions

TLC PredictionsWith ratings collapsing and the WWE Universe in a tizzy about current booking decisions, tonight’s TLC PPV is a very intriguing one. Will WWE truly set new creative wheels in motion or will they continue to run around in creative circles? It’s hard to say, but this is what I think will happen tonight…

TLC_8-manTeam Extreme vs The Wyatt Family

This is a match that should only be designed for one thing: putting the Wyatt Family over. Quite frankly, everybody and their dog knows that the Wyatt’s lose the big matches on PPV. They should be the dominant faction in WWE right now, destroying everybody in their path. Bray Wyatt is supposed to be “The Face Of Fear“, yet I don’t see why anybody is afraid of him because he can’t win anything.

There is ZERO reason to put over the Dudleyz, Dreamer, and Rhyno in this situation. None of them are viable contenders for anything at this point and, as they would probably admit, they are really around to put over the younger talent. I’m sure they’ll put up a good fight, but in the end I can’t see any creative reason whatsoever for them to win this match.

WINNER: Even in this WWE world of 50/50 booking, it would only make the most sense to see total decimation and a 4-0 table elimination for the Wyatt Family, but I’m sure it will be far more even in the end. But the Wyatt’s NEED to win this.

Ryback vs RusevRyback vs Rusev

Ugh…I dislike Ryback so immensely that I don’t even want to predict this match. Having said that, I think that Rusev and Lana are getting back on track with their push, as odd as it might be to see them making out every two seconds. Rusev is out for revenge and Ryback is (seemingly) back to mid-card status, so this realistically should mean a victory for the Bulgarian Brute. Of course, knowing WWE…they could easily over-book this match and have Lana be the reason why Rusev loses.

WINNER: With an act that legitimately has the potential to be in the WWE  title picture in 2016, I really think this should be a win for Rusev…by hook or by crook.

Charlotte vs Paige

Charlotte (with Ric Flair) vs Paige

Divas Championship Match

I don’t understand why this is even taking place. Paige lost at the last PPV. Paige then lost a rematch on RAW. Why are they having another match? And how in the hell is Paige go from saying an incredibly offensive line about Charlotte‘s dead brother one week to being a cheered babyface the next? And why are they having Charlotte slowly turn heel with the help of her father, Ric Flair? I mean, are there not enough heels on the women’s side of things? Will Becky Lynch get involved and somehow accidentally cost Charlotte the match? Will that cement the heel turn? Why should I even care anymore?

WINNER: Ummmm…Paige by either DQ or count-out. I have a bad feeling that WWE will over-book and have either Flair or Becky get involved and cost Charlotte the match, but NOT the title.

Del Rio vs SwaggerAlberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger

United States championship match

If Del Rio can get an entertaining match out of Swagger, I’ll be very impressed. As it stands, this should realistically be a squash.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

TLC - tag title matchLucha Dragons vs New Day vs Usos

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Out of everything on the card, this match legitimately has the chance to steal the show if given enough time. It should be a fast-paced combination of high flying moves and solid in-ring action. My fear, though, is that the backstage agent will try to put in more “spots” than actual wrestling…making for a solid but unspectacular match with a few high spots that LOOK like pre-planned spots, instead of high spots that genuinely pop the crowd. It won’t suck, but I think at the end of the day it will be one of those “it could’ve been better” matches.

WINNER: Just because their act is FAR from stale…The New Day will continue to reign supreme.

Kevin Owens vs Dean AmbroseKevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose

Intercontinental Championship Match

I feel bad for these two in the sense that the match has taken a huge backseat to whatever Ambrose has been doing in the main event scene with Roman Reigns against the League of Nations. This has been an afterthought since it was initially announced. Their initial match last month at Survivor Series was pretty good, so this match should be no different In fact, I think this will end up being the match of the night. Because Ambrose has other things going on (and because the feud should extend to the Royal Rumble), I don’t think I see a definitely finish here.

WINNER: I think they want to put Ambrose over strong heading into the Rumble, but they don’t want to hurt Owens, either. As such, I see Owens walking out after 15-20 minutes of action…leaving Ambrose as the winner and Owens as still the champion. I hope I’m wrong because I would much rather see Owens pin Ambrose outright, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

Sheamus vs Roman ReignsSheamus vs Roman Reigns

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Realistically speaking, this match shouldn’t even be taking place. There is no reason why Sheamus should be the champion at this point. Hell…he shouldn’t even have been the one to win the Money in the Bank briefcase to begin with. Regardless, it is what it is and this is your main event for TLC. I think the match itself should be great, but I’m doubtful that the PPV crowd will have much heat for this match. In fact, don’t be surprised to hear loud boos for BOTH competitors.

I see lots of interference in this one, from the League of Nations to “Roman’s Friends” to Triple H himself, resulting in…

WINNER: Sheamus remaining your WWE World Heavyweight Champion and setting-up the rematch at the Royal Rumble.



All-in-all, I think this is a pretty weak card. I do not have high hopes for TLC and I really hope I’m wrong in feeling that way. I guess we’ll all find out soon enough.


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