Best 10 Tag Teams of 2015

ZAH TOP TENS - Top 10 Tag Teams of 2015The Wolves10. The Wolves – In a promotion without a ton of great tag teams, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards continually rose to the top to prove themselves to be the best. They won the TNA tag team titles in 2014 before Edwards injured his heel and they had to vacate the titles in March. They returned and won the tag titles again in June, then lost and regained them in July before ending 2015 as tag team champions again. At this point, they have won the TNA titles a record five times, so you can’t deny the success they had, regardless of the promotion they were in.

Guns n Gallows9. Guns-n-Gallows – The heart and soul of the Bullet Club had another successful year in New Japan. While they lost the IWGP tag team titles at the beginning of the year at Wrestle Kingdom 9, they won the titles two more times throughout the year…ending 2015 as champions. They were constantly at the top of New Japan cards and are one of the biggest reasons the Bullet Club has been so popular with New Japan audiences. 2016 should be an extremely interesting year if they do, indeed, make the move to WWE.

Dash & Dawson8. Dash & Dawson – Following the NXT thought process of “the tag titles can make the tag team”, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson pretty much came out of nowhere to win the tag team titles from the Vaudvillains in November after debuting as a team less than five months earlier. Because of their unique style and look, they’ve been compared to classic 80s tag teams like the Midnight Express and the Brainbusters. They are a no-nonsense, beat-down tag team that thrives on the motto, “No flips. Just fists.”

reDRagon7. reDRagon – While I’m personally getting bored with this team, I still recognize them for the super talented team that they are. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly have dominated the indy tag scene for the past few years and continued to find success in 2015. They entered the year as Ring of Honor tag team champions AND New Japan IWGP junior tag team champions. They lost both titles but regained the IWGP tag team championships in August, ending the year as champs for New Japan. I’d like to see both men branch out into singles competition in 2016.

BAMF6. Blake & Murphy – When Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy won the NXT tag team titles back in January, they were an unknown team to most. They quickly gelled tremendously as a team and developed characters along the way. “Blake & Murphy”defeated the likes of the Lucha Dragons, the Vaudvillains, and Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady throughout the year while champions. They held those titles for over seven months and, along with their manager Alexa Bliss, “BAMF” solidified themselves as a team to watch in 2016.

The Addiction5. The Addiction – When Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian changed their team name and Daniels changed his gimmick completely, I wasn’t sure how they would fair throughout the year. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case as the Addiction won the Ring of Honor tag team championship from reDRagon back in April and battled a lot of tough teams to retain those belts for the next few months. They continued to thrive on the independent circuit and made their New Japan debut at the 2015 World Tag League. They have made the most out of their independence and I don’t see them slowing down in 2016, either.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass & Carmella4. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady – I know there’s probably a lot of fans wondering just why in the world this NXT tag team would be placed so highly on this list. I mean, they didn’t win the titles at all and are ranked above other teams that did. For me, though, Enzo & Big Cass had the best year out of any team in NXT because of the reactions they received all over the world. I mean, can you name one other act in the promotion that’s as popular as these two? You have them lose matches and fail to win titles, yet they continue to sell merchandise and garner the loudest ovations each and every live event that NXT has. Success isn’t only measured in titles won.

Young Bucks3. The Young Bucks – How can you NOT place the Young Bucks near the top of this list when considering 2015? I mean, these guys have continued to have fantastically fun matches and tremendous success all around the world. They sell a ton of merchandise and are the most wanted tag team on the independent circuit. They won the PWG tag team championship for the fourth time in June. They won the IWGP Junior tag team championship three times in 2015 as members of the Bullet Club. I only see more and more success for the Bucks throughout 2016.

The Kingdom2. The Kingdom – This might be a slightly controversial pick but this team had a spectacular year. After debuting in New Japan late 2014, they returned in April to defeat the Bullet Club (i.e. Guns-n-Gallows) to win the IWGP tag team championships. At Ring of Honor’s All-Star Extravaganza VII, they defeated The Addiction and The Young Bucks to become ROH tag team champions. They made a huge splash in 2015 and had a fantastic year as a team.

New Day1. The New Day – Can you sit there and honestly say that New Day didn’t rule the tag team world in 2015? They turned a spectacularly silly gimmick (Vince wanted them to be squeaky clean babyfaces with a semi-religious undertone due to Big E’s background) into the most entertaining thing on WWE television. They’ve worked hard to remain heels while still be entertaining, fun, and original. They’re selling merchandise out the door and aren’t the same team today that they were at the beginning of their second title reign. You cannot deny the tremendous success they had in 2015 and I can’t think of another team that had a better year.


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