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What a crazy week. Again. I can’t complain, though…that’s what keeps me writing. And for the thousands of you wondering (cause…y’know), I will be having my Royal Rumble predictions up on Sunday morning, but there are still some big-time rumors going into the big PPV show…

  • AJ StylesOn the heels of people hinting that AJ Styles would, in fact, debut at the Royal Rumble this Sunday (including his own hints at indie shows last weekend), it was reported that he WASN’T going to be in the Rumble and, instead, the creative team was coming up with something big for his debut on RAW the following night. At this point, if he debuts is anybody’s guess…which is pretty much what WWE wants right now. Stephanie McMahon hinted at “someone who had never competed in WWE before” possibly winning the Rumble, so it’s not like they’re shying away from the possibility of Styles debuting. But as I mentioned in Monday’s column, WWE likes to swerve the internet faithful…so if people believe he’ll show up, he won’t. If people believe he’ll debut on Monday, he’ll show up on Sunday. To me, it just makes for a more intriguing PPV.

Daniel BryanThe big rumor this week is that Daniel Bryan is scheduled to meet with the head of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program, Dr. Joseph Maroon, in Pittsburgh this week. From everything being suggested, this could bring the long-reported story to a head. Bryan, obviously, wants to participate in the Royal Rumble and come back full-time to the roster. The problem, however, is that Bryan has a long history of concussions (at least seven are known of) and is risking further injury to his well-being if he hurts himself in the ring yet again. From Bryan’s point of view, though, he’s missing out on the biggest opportunity of his entire life to make the most money of his career. If he doesn’t take advantage of Bryan WrestleManiathe situation, he feels that he’ll be out a LOT of money. Plus he absolutely loves to wrestle and doesn’t want to quit now or do something else full time (ex: train). Of course, there were follow-up reports stating that Bryan was NOT meeting with a WWE doctor and yet MORE reports stating that he was recently cleared by a UCLA doctor in preparation for another meeting with a WWE doctor.  Regardless of the actual situation, with lawsuits going on against WWE alleging that they hid the dangers of concussions and head trauma, this could absolutely be a political reason to keep Bryan grounded and out of the squared circle. Why should WWE risk his health and have fingers pointed at them saying, “SEE? This is what we were talking about!” My fear is that Bryan will disappear from WWE and hit the independent circuit again, further risking his health as indy matches (or even Japanese matches) are a LOT stiffer and dangerous than WWE matches. I guess we’ll all be finding out soon enough if he was cleared or not, but I really think Bryan needs to realize his career is done and find another avenue that can make him happy.

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Suicide SquadDid you see the new Suicide Squad trailer??? It came out late Tuesday evening and sent shockwaves through the internet fans who were already excited based on the first leaked “unofficial” trailer. The use of Bohemian Rhapsody is absolutely brilliant here. I’m thinking this is going to be DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but a bit more on the darker side. I’m just hoping it’s as good as the trailer makes it look.

I’m not a TNA fan (they lost me after multiple “second chances” at winning me back), but there are two things of note that have caught my eye…

  • Hardy new TNA champMatt Hardy (along with his smokin’ hot wife, Reby Sky) joined forces with Tyrus to win the TNA heavyweight championship when Tyrus turned on Ethan Carter III. This makes for an interesting heel champion (Hardy was always best as a heel) and a very interesting challenge for EC3, as he’s now (presumably) a babyface. The problem is that just a week or two ago, EC3 was shooting his mouth off and being about as unlikeable as you can imagine. Simply turning on him won’t be enough to garner cheers. It will be interesting to see how much the EC3 character changes and evolves as his babyface run continues.

  • The Miracle“The Miracle” Mike Bennett debuted along with the First Lady of Professional Wrestling, Maria Kanellis (aka Mrs. Bennett). I was unsure about the move at first (he had one hell of a great year in ROH and New Japan), but once I watched his introductory promo I was sold on the whole “Miracle” gimmick. There is so much that they can do with this and with both of them being solid promos (seriously…Maria’s introduction was fantastic), I see a title run for Bennett before the end of 2016. I love that he’s breaking out like this as I’ve been a fan of his work for some time now. I only wish Maria went back to the outfits that she’s been wearing for the past couple of years. The glittery dresses are nice, but her other outfits were HOT. Either way, I’ll be keeping my eyes on Bennett & Kanellis this year.

  • It’s funny…I’ve been thinking about the Royal Rumble and how there are only a few select options for the eventual winner and new WWE champion, yet Bovada released betting odds and guess who is the favourite to win the whole thing?


Like…WTF?? I’ve been telling myself for WEEKS now that Triple H’s involvement with Roman Reigns would NOT include the WWE title. My prediction is that Triple H will COST Reigns the win at the Rumble, not actually win the Rumble itself. I’m actually shocked that the plan is for Triple H to not only enter the Rumble itself but WIN that damn thing and become WWE champion. I’ll talk more about it on Sunday but damn…this throws yet another wrench into the whole Rumble (which is a good thing, actually).

  • deadpool 2Ummm…did anybody see the new Deadpool trailer that was released at Christmas? NEW DEADPOOL TRAILER!!! Listen…if you thought the Suicide Squad trailer was good, you should get a goddamn Viagra boner that doesn’t go away for four hours after watching this one!! Not only that, but movie producers screened the entire film for two events in California recently and the reviews were outstanding. Will this thing make Star Wars money? No, but it should probably end up with near $200 million in domestic gross when all is said and done. Maybe I’m just a fanboy and it’ll barely scratch $100 million…who knows? What I do know is that this movie looks infuckingcredible!!

Mauro RanalloWith the move of Mauro Ranallo to WWE Smackdown, I was concerned about the future of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. As much as I enjoy listening to Josh Barnett give his insights about his time wrestling in Japan, he needed someone to carry the load when it came to calling the action. News came out this week that none other than Jim Ross himself has agreed to be the new voice of the action. I’m absolutely STOKED for this announcement. For those who haven’t had the chance to watch, New Jim Ross on AXSJapan matches from their biggest events over the past year are shown on AXS TV on a weekly basis. They’re normally edited down, but if you want the entire match you can simply go to New Japan World and sign up for about 999 yen (approximately $9 US) to watch a massive collection of puroresu wrestling that will entertain you for a LONG time (not to mention all current New Japan broadcasted events). Anyway, the matches are normally phenomenal and the English commentary really helps you get into the promotion. I’ve been enjoying Ranallo’s commentary so far, but I’ll be SUPER excited for Good Ol’ JR to be back on my television.

In “I can’t believe that woman was so stupid” news, Tamara “Sunny” Sytch was back in the news this week. In fact, she was in the news for THREE reasons…

  • Sytch was noted using the n-word when talking with a friend on Twitter. While the original tweet was deleted (it’s still noted below), her follow-up responses defending her use of the term are still up. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Sunny 1

  • Sunny Days for Vivid & Tammy SytchSytch is also in the news for trying to sell her WWE Hall of Fame ring because she wants to move on from her wrestling past and forge ahead with a new future (yeah…right). Vivid owner Steven Hirsch has offered her $100,000 for the ring and a 90-minute sex video with a partner of her own choosing. On TMZ Live, Sytch didn’t turn down the offer, but rather said she feels that she’s worth more than $100,000. There’s been no update on any negotiations since, but wow…it looks like there will be “Sunny days ahead” in the adult entertainment industry sooner rather than later. Wow.
  • Just when you thought it was impossible to get even more headlines, Sytch was the focal point of a video starring their only YouPorn Sports signee: Joey Ryan. THIS is interesting… 1

In “I can’t believe that guy was so stupid” news, WWE Tough Enough winner and current Performance Center rookie Josh Bredl (now known as Bronson Mathews) tweeted out some live comments while watching RAW on Monday night. The problem was that Bredl thinks that he knows all about the business and that he’s “one of the boys”. The actuality of the situation is that he’s a moron who insulted both the performers he meant to praise and insulted the business with his ignorance.

Yeti is an idiot

So, obviously, the problem is that the boys don’t use that term anymore. The word “jobbers” is an insult to wrestlers and is seen as derogatory. The correct term is “enhancement talent”, and fans who think otherwise simply don’t ‘get it’. Once the boys in the back caught wind of this tweet, the shit hit the fan and the HEAT came down on “The Yeti”…

Yeti is a moron

Bull Dempsey

Adam Rose

Of course, Bredl didn’t help his cause any by continuing to be an arrogant douchebag about it all…

Even Taz and Sean Waltman were discussing the situation…


I’m telling you…it’s going to take a long-ass time for this fucktard to dig himself out of the hole that he’s now in. I mean…wow…talk about taking a massive step backwards in your career. This is going to haunt him for YEARS. Even if he eventually makes the main roster in five years, he’s going to be shit on by those who remember this type of disrespect. He can apologize all he wants, but his arrogance this past week and lack of giving two shits about what the veterans thought of his comments sums him up quite nicely. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him let go within the next year.

Live from Lexxi's Mom's GarageFinally, my Song of the Week is from one of my favourite bands in the world: Steel Panther. I was fortunate enough to see them live a couple of months ago and now they’re getting ready to release a live DVD…but this one will be slightly different from their The British Invasion DVD as it will be an all-acoustic set in front of a ladies-only audience in the bass player’s garage. Yeah…seriously. This is their new song from that DVD that was released this past week…


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