Deadpool – A Movie Review

DeadpoolIf you’re not interested in reading about the film and how incredibly awesome it is, the end result is that this movie is one of the best “comic superhero” movies I’ve ever seen…if not the best. Hell…I’d place it firmly in my personal “Top 5 Comic Book Movies” alongside the first Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Blade (that first one rocked). I mean…I might be still riding the high that this movie gave me, but it’s been over 24 hours and I’m still gushing like a fan-girl.Deadpool 5

The movie provides a form of storytelling that is used from time to time but rarely used to perfection as it is here. We start with Deadpool already in action, then we get his backstory told in flashbacks (similar to how Netflix is rolling out their awesome Marvel TV Universe in Daredevil and Jessica Jones). The story jumps around a bit but comes full circle when everything catches up to “present day”.Deadpool 11

To say that this part was tailor-made for Ryan Reynolds would be a massive understatement. Whether he’s under the hood as Deadpool or playing his “secret identity” Wade Wilson, everything about this part seems to be acted to perfection. I believe that Reynolds is Wilson. I believe that Wilson is Deadpool. I didn’t see anything that would have me not believing that this character wasn’t genuine. From a character standpoint, the portrayal is about as realistic as it can get.Deadpool 7

The bad guys don’t really matter in this movie. Why? Because it’s a revenge movie…and the baddie did the only thing that makes us all hate him: kidnaps the girl. I mean, it’s a very simple concept…but for whatever reason, it really hits home as being a real and genuine relationship that is being split up here. I never once questioned the quirky romance between Wilson and Vanessa (played perfectly by the gorgeous Morena Baccarin). They have an incredible on-screen chemistry that you cannot deny.Deadpool 13

To watch Deadpool mow down the baddies is a treat and a pleasure. The style of the violence is incredibly entertaining and never seems to slow down or take a back seat to a PG-13 rating (thank GOD it’s an R-rated flick). The action sequences are spectacular and believable, even if Deadpool is doing flips and cutting his own hand off (you gotta watch to find out why!).Deadpool 4

The inclusion of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead perfectly ties-in the X-Men universe to the Deadpool universe, even if the lead character tells the audience that the movies are now confusing because of the time travel issues (part of the tremendous “breaking the 4th wall charm” of the character). They bring a sense of realism to the film (seriously!) by frowning upon Deadpool’s tendency to murder the bad guys so quickly, while also bringing a bit of humour that doesn’t hit you over the head or is as “in your face” as Reynolds’ portrayal can be at times.Deadpool 10

If you’re a fan of Deadpool, you will love this movie.Deadpool 2

If you’re a fan of Deadpool because of the trailer (like me), you will love this movie.Deadpool 9

If you’re a fan of violence and action and comedy and unique movies that have the ability to change an entire genre, you will love this movie.Deadpool 8

If you’re looking for a “normal superhero movie”, you will HATE this movie. Don’t go. Don’t take your kids. This movie is R-rated for a reason.Deadpool 12

If I were to compare it with the top movies I saw last year (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, Mad Max: Fury Road), I’d put it smack-dab in the middle of them all. That’s how good this movie is. But please don’t just take my word for it…go out and see for yourself. It’s smashing records and exceeding expectations for a reason.deadpool 2


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