5 All-Time Hottest Divas (as voted by YOU!)

Top 5 All Time Hottest DivasLast year I used this blog to count down the 25 hottest female wrestlers of all time. The judge, of course, was me. And to be honest, if given the chance to do it again (and I will) I’d definitely make some changes in the rankings (sorry, Nikki Bella…your personality issues aside, you deserved higher than #25).

So I’ve taken a look at the traffic for all 25 posts to see just which women got the most hits. I was intrigued and surprised by the results…but figured it deserved a bit of attention to help heat up the colder winter nights. Without further adu, here are the five hottest divas of all time as “voted” by you!!

5. Mickie James

Mickie James 12I originally had James at #23. Looking back, that may have been a bit harsh…which is odd because I’ve always been a massive fan of James. There is just something about her that oozes sex appeal. Maybe it was her original run as Trish Stratus’ lesbian stalker, maybe it was her pre-wrestling XXX photos, or maybe it was just her smile. Regardless, she’s a gorgeous woman and I would definitely rank her higher the second time around. Maybe not #5, but certainly higher.Mickie James 2

4. AJ Lee

AJ BrooksI listed Lee at #9 on my list. She would have probably been higher if she had been around during WWE’s Attitude Era. As it stands, she dressed pretty conservatively and it’s been difficult finding pictures of her that truly display her hotness. AJ “Lee” Brooks is a woman who is hot all the damn time. She doesn’t need to wear bikinis or lingerie. She just has to put on a pair of jean shorts, a t-shirt, and a smile…and my heart melts. Judging by the post’s popularity, many of you feel the exact same way.AJ Lee

3. Torrie Wilson

Torrie 14I was a bit surprised to see Wilson’s post being so popular, but I understand it because she is a celebrity outside of wrestling. I mean, you start dating guys like Yankee’s legend Alex Rodriguez and you’ll have interest from outside of the wrestling community. I had her listed at #12. Looking at my Top 10, though…I’m not entirely sure that I’d change anything to add her. Obviously, readers feel differently. The thing that’s going very well in her favor is the fact that she’s always posting hot pics to her Instagram account. The fact that she is constantly working hard on her body makes her even more attractive. Torrie Wilson

2. Paige

Paige 3If I were to re-rank this list today, Paige would be MUCH higher up. The reason she was #14 was because she hadn’t really embraced her “inner hottie” and was still dressing in a fairly conservative way. As 2015 has moved into 2016 (and because of her involvement with Total Divas), Paige has embraced her sexy side a lot more than she ever did before. Because of that, she becomes inherently hotter and would probably be in my Top 10 if re-ranked today.Paige

1. Nikki Bella

Nikki BellaYeah…I full accept that my personal bias against her as a person and character took away from my eyes seen her as one of the hottest women in wrestling. I still don’t think she’s overly great in the ring (her “record breaking” title reign was a joke simply designed to bump AJ Lee from the top spot) and she’s not the most charismatic, either…but she’s hot as hell. John Cena is a lucky-ass man.

Is she deserving of the top spot? No, she’s just not “it” for me. But I can’t deny the fact that she’s definitely one of the hottest women in the world today.Nikki Bella 1



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