ZAH Thoughts – What Was The Point Of Roadblock??

ZAH Thoughts - The Point of RoadblockI went into last night’s live event on the WWE Network, Roadblock, thinking that I wouldn’t see any major happenings, but hoping to see at least one. I mean, it was a live event from Toronto…which would bring a hot crowd and pre-WrestleMania electricity. Surely we were going to get SOMETHING fun, weren’t we?

NXT tag match 2I thought, at the very least, that we would get an NXT tag team title switch. Here was Enzo & Big Cass (along with Carmella), the most over act on the NXT roster, facing the championship tandem of Dash & Dawson (i.e. The Revival) in a match that had built up for months. Why were they even thrown on this WWE event in the first place if not to get over with the titles?

NXT tag match 1But no…the tag team champions went over CLEAN in an impressive win. The match itself was good (but becoming a bit formulaic for Enzo & Cass) and really helped put over each team as future superstars to be called-up to the main roster once WrestleMania is over. But I just have to scratch my head and wonder why WWE didn’t take this golden opportunity to put over a team that is consistently booked to be NXT’s version of Zack Ryder circa 2012.

New DayI was pretty sure that the New Day wouldn’t be losing their tag team titles to the team of Sheamus and Wade Barrett, but it was always a possibility as we could see the New Day regain the belts at Mania to pop the crowd. But no…we were relegated to another decent tag team match with Xavier Woods costing the League their chance at tag team gold. I suppose we’ll see Rusev and Alberto Del Rio get involved somehow in the coming weeks (EDIT: apparently they’re challenging for the tag titles on RAW tonight), but I don’t see how this helps their WrestleMania match.

Jericho vs SwaggerChris Jericho came out in Toronto so he could garner some cheap heat and enforce the fact that he was a heel. I get it…good call. But then they brought out the “American American” Jack Swagger to be his opponent. Sorry, but I’m pretty sure Swagger wasn’t ever going to be considered the huge babyface in Canada against Jericho, regardless of how biting his promo may have been. If he faced someone like Goldust or R-Truth or someone like that, then the crowd may have been a bit more forgiving.

Natayla vs Charlotte 1The Charlotte vs Natalya match was fantastic. I didn’t expect the title to switch hands, but I was really impressed at the quality of the match itself. I didn’t know if the WWE agents would allow these two the opportunity to kick ass, but they did. So while it didn’t advance any storylines, it was still a great match that (a) showed the world just how great Charlotte is and (b) reminded the world just how great Natalya still is.

Lesnar vs Harper 1From what I’ve read, WWE is saving the Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt match for after Mania (possibly SummerSlam?), which is why they had a “handicap match” where Luke Harper got in a bit of offense but ended up getting decimated by The Beast…all while Wyatt sat back and watched and didn’t tag in. I don’t like the “bait and switch” booking, even if it does continue storylines.

Zayn vs StardustIn what was possibly the only real “push” on the entire show was Sami Zayn‘s performance against Stardust. While not the most exciting match on the card, it put Zayn over in Canada against someone with some credibility…so casual fans who were watching could still think Zayn was someone to look out for down the road.

Ambrose vs Triple H 1The main event match between Dean Ambrose and WWE champion Triple H was really good, but that’s not really the point. It was, again, a match that had real possibilities of doing something different for an ending…but ended up being a really good “by the books” title match. Kudos to both men for their performances…but it did nothing to get me excited for WrestleMania.

Ambrose vs Triple H 2So again I ask…what was the point of Roadblock? I think having a live event on the WWE Network is a good thing. I don’t think every live event needs to have a title change. However, in this case there should have been something added to give it a bit of excitement. It didn’t, so at the end of the day this “roadblock” was really just a speed bump…nothing more.


This is just what I’m thinking, but what are YOUR thoughts? Sound off in a comment below or hit me up on social media and let me know!


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