The World According to ZAH

The World According to ZAH 2It’s been a wild and crazy week in the world…

– The new trailer for Captain America: Civil War came out last week and the internet is STILL buzzing over the debut of Marvel’s version of Spider-Man. I’m intrigued by the new Spider-Man, so I’m not on the “hate it” side at all. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it’s played out.

Jim Ross Josh Barnett AXS TV– After watching the initial episode of Jim Ross doing commentary for NJPW on AXSTV, I gotta say I’m sold. I mean, I was a big fan of the show to begin with because the program has been providing fans with some of the best wrestling that New Japan has to offer anyway (I just finished watching an amazing Hirooki Goto vs Shinsuke Nakamura match), but to hear Good Ol’ JR do the commentary makes it all the more fun to watch. I find that even Josh Barnett’s commentary has picked up a little bit, too. If you want a legit alternative to WWE with some great wrestling, I can’t recommend New Japan any more than I already do. Just solid, fantastic stuff.

Lucha Underground– Speaking of alternatives, Lucha Underground has continued to provide me with the type of entertainment that I’ve never received from any other form of wrestling before. It really comes off like a movie with wrestling as the centerpoint. The direction of the segments are fantastic, the storylines are intricate but still believable, and the little bit of “supernatural” thrown in makes the whole show a lot of fun to watch. While I’m still not a massive fan of the lucha style of wrestling, it’s certainly not the worst product available out there by a long shot. Gotta thank Big Red NY for turning me on to Lucha Underground…I really don’t think I’ll stop watching it any time soon.

Steven Spielberg & Harrison FordIt was announced this week that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg will join-up one more time to deliver a fifth Indiana Jones movie. I was a kid when Raiders of the Lost Ark was released and, combined with his role as Han Solo, this made Ford my favourite actor of all time. The last movie (Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) actually came out eleven years ago (!!!), and even then he was looking to be too old for the role. I Possible Indiana Jones replacementslove Ford, but I really hope that this is a “passing the torch” to another Indiana Jones character…perhaps Bradley Cooper or the rumoured Chris Pratt). Obviously, nobody wants Shia Lebouf to return so let’s hope and pray THAT isn’t in the works. And thankfully, George Lucas is NOT involved this time around, so maybe we’ll actually get back to what Indiana Jones is truly about…searching for real, historical articfacts instead of chasing after the supernatural glowing skulls of alien beings. Ugh…

There were three things that really caught my eye during this past week’s NXT show.

  1. Chad Gable 1Chad Gable is a future superstar, without question. Not only does he have a ton of charisma and personality, his in-ring skills have developed at such a quick pace that you can’t help but compare him to Kurt Angle. I truly believe he’s the total package and that will help him overcome his relatively smaller size. In the meantime, he’s helped bring out the best in Jason Jordan and I think it’s safe to say that they’re going to be future NXT tag team champions.
  2. The Vaudvillains 1The Vaudvillains will never be an “over” act on the main roster in their current incarnation. No offense to either Aiden English or Simon Gotch as both men are extremely talented, but they simply don’t have the “it factor” that resonates with the general public. And yes, their gimmick is silly fun…but it’s highly unlikely to pop a RAW crowd for more than a second or two (similar to Ryback’s babyface pops). If they were to be called up, they’d fade away faster than The Ascension.
  3. Austin Aries 1I was really impressed with Austin Aries. First, I was blown away by how awesome Aries was during his beatdown by Baron Corbin. When shown the replay, it looked absolutely devastating and I was surprised that Aries wasn’t dead (lol). During his promo, “The Greatest Man in the World” was eloquent and delivered a great catchphrase: “It’s gonna be a great day to be great; a bad day to be you.” I’ve followed the career of Aries since he was a member of Generation Next in ROH with Roderick Strong, Alex Shelley, and Jack Evans. He’s gone from a person who couldn’t deliver a complete sentence to being a charismatic champion who looks like he could defeat Corbin in spite of his smaller size. I’m really looking forward to seeing him on display at NXT TakeOver: Dallas.

– Ummm…Season 6 of Game of Thrones, anyone?? I mean, if you weren’t that excited for the show to return (as was the case with me), then this trailer should shake you back into reality so you can remember just how incredibly awesome this show truly is!

UFC 2– I’m not the biggest gamer in the world, but having seen in-game action from the new UFC 2 game has blown me away. I don’t think I’ve seen graphics this good in a fighting game EVER. Watching YouTubers like Big Red NY do a career mode with “Big Train” Martinez or Denk Ops doing a career mode with CM Punk has made me a fan in a MAJOR way. I realize that the relatively few players BigRedNY & Denk Opsand costumes in the game allows for more work on the graphics themselves, but holy shit…the bruising and the blood and the hair and every little detail seems to be above and beyond anything 2K can do with WWE games. Maybe I’m wrong (and I hope I am), but I don’t see WWE games ever coming as close to what UFC has got with their game any time soon. I mean, just check this online play of Holly Holms vs Miesha Tate out for yourselves!

Drew Galloway– Congrats to Drew Galloway on becoming the new TNA champion this past week. Ever since his release from WWE, Galloway has gone out of his way to reinvent himself and become one of the best wrestlers in the world. He has won championships all over the world from Evolve, Insane Championship Wrestling, Dansk Pro Wrestling, OCW, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, and the Union of European Wrestling Alliances. He has main-evented cards for other promotions all over the globe and now has the biggest singles title of his post-WWE career. His idea of becoming the “first traveling world champion since Ric Flair” is one that will not only benefit him, but will greatly benefit TNA, as well.

XMen Apocalypse– With the plethora of superhero movies being released in 2016, this one just screams out “MEH” to me. I mean, the entire X-Men franchise doesn’t seem that awesome and the last two movies weren’t really that great. This one doesn’t look much better and I think, at the end of the year, it’ll be lost in the shuffle and end up near the bottom of the super hero box office.

Neville injured– It’s a damn shame that Neville will be missing this year’s WrestleMania due to injury. This guy was about to make his Mania debut at the biggest WrestleMania in history, but a fluke slide has resulted in a broken ankle and a broken shinbone and robbed him of that opportunity. Let it be known that WWE hasn’t pushed Neville nearly as hard as they should have since his debut, so his presence won’t really be missed on the card overall (unfortunately). Watching the video when he realizes that the ankle is probably broken and he’s out of Mania is heartbreaking to see, but I can only hope that he comes back better than ever in a few months’ time.

– Song of the Week comes from Disturbed, a band who (along with the Foo Fighters) refuses to let rock’n’roll music die or change. This song is one of those “arena rock anthems” that I can crank up in the car and not have a damn care in the entire world.


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