NXT TakeOver: Dallas Fallout – The NXT Tag Team Division

Last night NXT put on yet another spectacular show. When all was said and done, NXT TakeOver: Dallas gave us two title changes, a Match of the Year frontrunner, two in-ring debuts, and ringside appearances by two international (currently non-NXT) superstars. So at the end of the day, what does NXT look like going forward?

NXT Tag Team Division

American Alpha 1It’s hard to believe that American Alpha has captured the overwhelming approval of the NXT fans as much as they have in such a short amount of time. I mean, let’s face it…when they were initially put together in a program it was kind of a joke as Jason Jordan couldn’t find a tag team partner that helped him win and Chad Gable was a nerd who didn’t look like he could win anything. Fast forward a bit and you’ve got a team so technically proficient, so full of charisma and energy, and so cohesive as a unit that you’d think they’d been tagging for years.

NXT fans absolutely LOVE technical wrestling and it’s really what has set NXT apart from the main WWE roster. Seeing Jordan come out of his shell thanks to the incredible talents of Gable has led to fans going absolutely ape-shit for their in-ring appearances. Fans know that at the end of the match, they’re going to get some fast-paced in-ring technical tag team greatness.

The Revival 2And let’s not take anything away from The Revival, either. Comparisons to the Brain Busters and the Midnight Express are 100% spot-on. Their in-ring performances are VERY reminiscent of tag teams contests from the 80’s (when tag team wrestling was at it’s peak, for the record). The old school “draw heat on the heel” tactics that they use haven’t been done correctly in so long that everything old is new again. In spite of their relatively short size, they could make a splash on the main roster post-Mania simply because they’re so different and technically sound.

So now that they’ve lost their titles, I expect to see them battle American Alpha in some rematches over the coming weeks…maybe even a rematch at the next NXT TakeOver event in the summer. Having a babyface tag team will help the Vaudvillains get back into the mix, as well as Blake & Murphy (a very talented team that has pretty much been forgotten about since Dawson & Wilder won the titles).

Enzo, Big Cass, & Carmella 2I’m hoping to see Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady get promoted to the main roster soon after WrestleMania, with The Revival probably not too far behind them. The main roster NEEDS tag teams with The Ascension not clicking with anybody and the Lucha Dragons not teaming up as much, so it only makes sense to take a couple of talented tag teams from NXT and get them into the mix.

A team to look out for (very shortly) is The Mighty Don’t Kneel, two Australians who have been working for Pro Wrestling NOAH for a few years now. They are an accomplished team with a great look, so don’t expect Michael Nicholls & Shane Veryzer to be in NXT for very long. The Mighty Don't Kneel

NXT Performance CenterWhat this means for NXT is that there will definitely be spots available for newer talent to break out and get noticed. I just hope that there are some superstars currently at the Performance Center who are working hard to actually become a legitimate team (as opposed to just a make-shift tag team thrown together). There are opportunities available for those in Orlando who don’t mind setting aside their singles aspirations.

But until we start seeing new teams garner some success, we’ll continue to have American Alpha showcased with a small but pretty solid tag team division including Blake & Murphy, the Hype Bros, and the Vaudvillains.


This is just what I’m thinking, but what are YOUR thoughts? Sound off in a comment below or hit me up on social media and let me know!



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