Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #32 – Raquel

raquel-8raquel-7Can I be honest with you? I had never even heard of Raquel until doing research for my Top 50. Now I think I may have to start watching Impact Wrestling just to see her! Gabi Castrovinci is a fitness model from Brazil who also appeared on WWE’s Tough Enough back in 2015. She’s only been wrestling for one year, but when you look like this that kind of thing just doesn’t matter to a company like TNA.raquel-13

raquel-5You can find more of Raquel at the following links:

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Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #33 – Noelle Foley

noelle-foley-2noelle-foley-23It’s hard to believe, but Cactus Jack has a daughter who doesn’t only love everything about the wrestling business (she’s currently training for an in-ring debut eventually) and isn’t only a nerd at heart (she dates a clown, for crying out loud), but she is absolutely smokin’ hot!! Where she’s still in her early 20’s, we’re all guaranteed to see LOTS more of Noelle Foley in the years to come.noelle-foley-22noelle-foley-16You can find Noelle at the following social media links:

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Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #34 – Summer Rae

summer-rae-1summer-rae-6Born Danielle Moinet, the WWE Diva now known as Summer Rae is a former Lingerie Football League player who has been with WWE since 2011 as a manager, a general manager, a ring announcer, a dancer, and a wrestler. She has been featured as a cast member of Total Divas and even co-starred in The Marine 4: Moving Target last year with The Miz. summer-rae-5summer-rae-2You can see more of her on social media at the following links:


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Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #35 – Laura James

laura-james-14laura-james-2I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about “Mrs. Joey Ryan” that is super attractive. Laura James isn’t one of those “fake boob, 100% tanned” supermodel types and she doesn’t take a ton of risque photos. But maybe that’s her appeal…she’s simply an all-natural, normal babe who looks like someone you’d want to hang out with. And those tattoos let you know that she’s not all “girl next door”, too. You gotta love it!laura-james-6laura-james-11You can find Laura on social media at the following links:

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Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #36 – Candice LeRae

candice-lerae-13You probably know Candice LeRae best as one-half of The World’s Cutest Tag Team with Joey Ryan. And to be honest, I don’t know if I ever really found Candice to be “hot” per-se, even though I had a massive crush on her. So then I came to realize that “cute is the new HOT”…and that LeRae is simply too attractive to leave off of this list. Husband Johnny Gargano is one lucky-ass dude.candice-lerae-19candice-lerae-18You can find Candice on social media at the following links:

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Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #37 – Mickie James

mickie-james-8mickie-james-15Y’know, I wasn’t even going to include Mickie James in this list at first because I wasn’t even sure she was still wrestling. Then I heard about her challenging Asuka for the NXT Women’s championship at NXT TakeOver: Toronto and saw her challenge video and was reminded of just how smokin’ hot she was. She may not look exactly the same as she did a decade ago, but she’s still one of the hottest babes in ALL of wrestling. mickie-james-4mickie-james-5You can see Mickie James on social media at the following links:

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Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #38 – Billie Kay

billie-kay-7billie-kay-13Billie Kay is a nine-year veteran of the squared circle. She was born and raised in Australia, but currently makes her home in Orlando as a member of the NXT roster. After “The Four Horsewomen” of NXT were called-up to the main roster, that left Billie Kay as one of the top prospects to fill the void left in NXT. She’s been a fan of the business since she was 10 years old and has grown into a super-hot future WWE superstar. billie-kay-16You can find Billie Kay on social media at the following links:

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