Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #48 – Priscilla Kelly

priscilla-kelly-2priscilla-kelly-1A lot of you may be wondering just who Priscilla Kelly is. Well…it may not be too much longer before you know exactly who she is. Going under the nickname “Hell’s Favorite Harlot“, Kelly is making a name for herself as a hybrid of Luna Vachon, Daffney, and Paige. Having trained under Homicide, Kelly has been making a path at Atlantic Wrestling Entertainment. We can only hope she ventures outside the area soon. priscilla-kelly-15

priscilla-kelly-4This 19-year-old hottie already has a unique gimmick and a solid wrestling foundation beneath her. Give her some more experience under her belt and she’ll be an indie force to be reckoned with. In the meantime, go out of your way to check her out in Atlanta…I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. priscilla-kelly-9priscilla-kelly-8You can find Priscilla Kelly at the following links:

Priscilla Kelly on Instagram

Priscilla Kelly on Facebook

Priscilla Kelly on Twitter

priscilla-kelly-16 priscilla-kelly-13 priscilla-kelly-7 priscilla-kelly-10 priscilla-kelly-14


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