Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #47 – Amber Gallows

amber-gallows-9amber-gallows-12While she may be the oldest babe on this list, Amber Gallows has been hot for a very long time and continues to show the world that you can still be considered a major babe after hitting the big 4-0. The wife of WWE superstar Luke Gallows has been wrestling for over 15 years in promotions all around the world.amber-gallows-6

Gallows, formerly known as Amber O’Neal, is the only official female member of the Bullet Club (known as the Bullet Babe) and currently wrestles for ROH in their Women of Honor amber-aprildivision. She may be best known for her tag team work as a member of Team Blondage with Krissy Vaine, one half of the All-American Girls with Santana Garrett, and in a number of photo shoots with April Hunter.amber-gallows-5

amber-gallows-3You can find Amber Gallows on social media:



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