Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #40 – Dana Brooke

dana-brooke-11dana-brooke-7This former competitive bodybuilder and fitness competitor is only 27 years old, but has made the leap from NXT to the RAW main roster in only two years as an in-ring competitor. Dana Brooke is an enigma, as sometimes she looks smokin’ hot and there are other times when you’re like…what happen to HER?? But let’s face it…any woman who is as physically fit as Brooke is has to be considered a babe, amiright??dana-brooke-21

dana-brooke-12You can find Dana Brooke on social media at the following links:

dana-brooke-20 dana-brooke-18 dana-brooke-14 dana-brooke-5 dana-brooke-16 dana-brooke-17 dana-brooke-2


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