Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #36 – Candice LeRae

candice-lerae-13You probably know Candice LeRae best as one-half of The World’s Cutest Tag Team with Joey Ryan. And to be honest, I don’t know if I ever really found Candice to be “hot” per-se, even though I had a massive crush on her. So then I came to realize that “cute is the new HOT”…and that LeRae is simply too attractive to leave off of this list. Husband Johnny Gargano is one lucky-ass dude.candice-lerae-19candice-lerae-18You can find Candice on social media at the following links:

candice-lerae-7candice-lerae-11 candice-lerae-6 candice-lerae-14 candice-lerae-16 candice-lerae-1 candice-lerae-3 candice-lerae-2


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