Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #35 – Laura James

laura-james-14laura-james-2I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about “Mrs. Joey Ryan” that is super attractive. Laura James isn’t one of those “fake boob, 100% tanned” supermodel types and she doesn’t take a ton of risque photos. But maybe that’s her appeal…she’s simply an all-natural, normal babe who looks like someone you’d want to hang out with. And those tattoos let you know that she’s not all “girl next door”, too. You gotta love it!laura-james-6laura-james-11You can find Laura on social media at the following links:

laura-james-8laura-james-15 laura-james-13 laura-james-12 laura-james-9 laura-james-7 laura-james-1 laura-james-5 laura-james-4


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