Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #33 – Noelle Foley

noelle-foley-2noelle-foley-23It’s hard to believe, but Cactus Jack has a daughter who doesn’t only love everything about the wrestling business (she’s currently training for an in-ring debut eventually) and isn’t only a nerd at heart (she dates a clown, for crying out loud), but she is absolutely smokin’ hot!! Where she’s still in her early 20’s, we’re all guaranteed to see LOTS more of Noelle Foley in the years to come.noelle-foley-22noelle-foley-16You can find Noelle at the following social media links:

noelle-foley-21noelle-foley-14 noelle-foley-11 noelle-foley-1 noelle-foley-5 noelle-foley-17 noelle-foley-20 noelle-foley-4


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