Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #25 – Alicia Fox

alicia-fox-14alicia-fox-5You may not realize this, but Alicia Fox has been wrestling for a decade, with eight of those years being on the WWE main roster. In the world of “Vince’s vision of wrestling women”, that’s a long-ass time. She’s a former WWE Divas champion who has portrayed been a manager, a wedding planner, and an in-ring psychopath.  But on top of everything else, she’s got legs that don’t quit and doesn’t get nearly the respect she deserves for being hot as hell.alicia-fox-8

alicia-fox-3You can see more of Fox at the following links:

alicia-fox-16alicia-fox-2 alicia-fox-1 alicia-fox-4 alicia-fox-9 alicia-fox-13 alicia-fox-10 alicia-fox-12



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