Hottest 50 Wrestling Babes of 2016 – #23 – Zahra Schreiber

Zahra Schreiber nudeIt’s a damn shame what a little bad PR can do for one’s career. Zahra Schreiber was in NXT with a unique look and a hot relationship with Seth Rollins. Unfortunately, Schreiber has been spending 2016 utilizing her talents at indie shows and wondering about what could’ve been. Thankfully, she’s still sensationally sexy and you can never say never in the wrestling business. Fingers crossed, we see her on a larger stage at some point in the future.zahra-schreiber-5

zahra-schreiber-16You can see more of Schreiber in the following links:

Zahra 7 zahra 1 zahra-schreiber-7zahra-schreiber-15zahra-schreiber-14zahra-schreiber-12zahra-schreiber-4zahra-schreiber-3Zahra 6


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